Val still not good enough


Val is still a garbage medic. It feels like her Sniper Rifle and Medgun should be thrown to a Support and have her removed entirely.

Caira laughs at Val with her 30k+ heals and survivability.

Vals utility does not make up for the lost heals.
Val is squishy, has terrible heals and does not make up anything to justify picking her (or Lazarus even) over Caira.

Caira is the god with her irritating personality, boring kit and overwhelming presence.

Val is the janitor who goes around mopping Cairas floors.
Lazarus is the old man who lives in some cave thinking about the good old days.

tl;dr: Val still needs more work done to her.


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Val right now is just fine if you have a team that’s used to playing with one. The main thing is just that you can’t take a ton of damage on multiple people at the same time. Meaning no bunching up for Lightning Strikes and whatnot.


Fair enough, but why should you need an expert team to work with Val when you don’t need an expert team to work with Caira?


Caira will always be the best healer. I think the devs underestimated how often people are inside her healing radius. In fact most high level team strategies count on the fact that they are always within cairas healing radius so she can just spam grenades at the ground the entire fight while running in circles around a pillar or other round object. They claim that her grendes require more aim but to be effective with her only requires a medium amount of aiming skill at the most since they have a huge splash area.


Well in every game there are characters/heroes/whatever that are harder to play than others.

But actually you don’t need experts.You need decent people.

Val now outheals Caira in 1 person healing.But val also is…consider her the offensive medic.You pick Val you should catch the monster stage 1 and end it at stage 2.If you don’t catch it stage 1 at all its pretty much a loss.Unless there is a Hank who can make her survive more.

But the truth is that Caira’s heal is prefered simply because she can heal herself and others together.The heal itself is not that good.Even a full clip of her grenades won’t heal more than 50% if i’m correct.

But anyway.With Caira you have strong defense.With Val you have strong offense.


Unfortunately kraken laughs at Vals “offence”


Not at all.Kraken drops from the air and goes slow AF.Our teams monster for example when it gets tranqed,abuses the sneak attack.He gets in the ground and starts sneak attacking forward.That jump makes him go faster until the tranq is off.

Once the sneak attack nerf comes that won’t possible.And you’ll have to deal with 10 seconds slow.


Does anyone have the exact numbers of the healing rates from the newest patch?


stop trying to make val a caira.

its not going to work.


You havnt seen a good Lazzy or a premade lazzy …yet !


The problem with Val is that you pretty much require a good Hank. Any other support or a mediocre Hank just isn’t going to cut it. While she might have slightly more single-target healing, she has not even half the survivability nor the maximum healing output in general to compete.

The tranquilizer is the number #1 reason why people like her, and I think it’s good. But it’s not enough to warrant choosing her over the tankiest character currently in the game.

The sniper rifle is near useless because it just doesn’t work well enough. A single weak spot every 3 seconds that you might miss and deals a pretty crappy amount extra just doesn’t cut it. The sniper should either have a bigger hitmarker and reload speed OR have more damage.

I think Val should have much higher healing output than she does. But that’s just me.


You don’t need an expert team for either. All you need is basic common sense to spread out in combat and stay out of melee range. Unfortunately even THAT is too much to ask from pubs it seems; so in that aspect Caira will always be better due to her idiocy-carrying potential.




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The problem is not Caira being too good, but the other medics being too situational. The skill cap on val for kiting is super tight. Not sure what they could do to fix it. I think there is a fine line with val. If her heal is buffed too much she will be broken, as her heal is an auto snap beam.


Val is really good now. Val does not need to heal for 30K because her tranq darts prevent the monster from getting that much damage on your team in the first place. And her weak spots help kill the monster faster so that his damage does not add up to 30K.


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