Val should't be a tier 1 hunter

Shes much too hard for new players,
Tier 1 medic should be caira, you just can’t be bad at cairia and she is very newby friendly.


I am living proof that this statement is false.
But I do agree that Caira is much easier :smile:


I’ve wondered about this too. I bet TRS was thinking that Val fits more with the hang-back, never-get-hit healer style people are familiar with from MMOs. If the monster is noob and doesn’t go for her, she really is the easiest Med.

I am living proof that you CAN be a bad Caira.


Val is the best medic for training new players about positioning and staying safe even though safety isn’t really a thing if you play Val.

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She’s the best medic for new players and frankly, the easiest. Just point, and click.

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New players shouldn’t have calculate where her grenades will land, Val is much easier for people new to the game and especially, players new to FPS games.

i was out of town for a week and the day i back to the forums, found this thread…Val is not too hard for newbies, every player feel comfortable with whoever they choose.

I feel more comfortable playing with Val than Caira instead. Caira is the best med for defense mode.

I always felt that Val was a good medic to help guide players on how they should play medic.
She doesn’t have a way to protect herself like other medics, forcing a team to use teamwork (Hank) to keep the medic alive.
Plus her equipment is designed to work well at range, so the medic doesn’t just rush in and get killed. It promotes a conservative play style.

No no no, caira noobs are very bad. I usually see them shooting the monster with that damn napalm launcher more than healing. Val is tough, but not as tough as caira. You have to hit your grenades with caira. With Val it’s pretty foolproof. Just point and click.

I can play Val a million times better than I can play Caira. If you like never getting healed as you watch grenades fly by your face and miss you entirely than I am your Caira. If you enjoy staying alive and watching the monster looking like a giant bulletin board of targets that glows green with tranqs than I am your Val.

Im with you Qu- Donut I truly do suck as Caira… how do you medics @moiser?

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Yeah I believe it should be
Tier 1 : Caira
Tier 2: Val
Tier 3: Laz
Caira is beyond easy to play, green grenades heal, orange damage, speed boost. Ummm that’s about it :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I agree completely, but I think it’s a little late now…

Unfortunately yeah :confused: .

Thanks for tagging me in a thread that is bashing Caira, I appreciate it. >.>

So to sum up, OP. Seems most people agree. Val > Caira. I mean, it’s a no-brainer really. Val has a sniper rifle that makes weakpoints, midair healing ability, CC, a nice butt… Just the full package. What does Caira have…? Balls…? :smirk:

Meh I’m not even gonna bother with this one, people may think whatever they want to think. After all I’m the one that has played Caira for over 800 hours and in tons of competitive matches so I think I know better, and believe me it’s much more than just spamming nades in higher level of play.

Also, that’s not funny. Just saying :s

I always thought that they should make val healing beam invisible for the monster,it wouldnt change her efficacy but it would make her safer to play,cause for now shes the worst one

;-; I’m sorry… OTL Won’t do it again…


Caira and Val both have similar issues with new people. They may spend more time firing the sniper/napalm than healing. Val has no self-heal other than HB, so she’s got less survivability and requires more evasive skills. She also gives away cloaked hunters very easily. The tools Val has makes her a decent choice for beginners I guess, but overall Caira may be a better choice. The splash heal is more forgiving, they will become more used to the arcs and how to properly angle for long-range healing, healing over obstacles, and they can self-heal whilst giving themselves a speed boost to escape the monster. Though I think medic is a role you should tackle once you’ve built up some basic awareness in evolve. It’s quite the important role that can make or break the match.