Val player cheating


I was not sure of where to post the video, but this was the section that felt more appropriate, so I’m sorry if this is not the right place to post this.

I came across a video on reddit that displayed a Val player clearly doing something with the rate of fire of his sniper rifle.

Link to said video here

Just thought you guys should know.


wait what yeah ure right


I don’t see what you see.


Val or Crow? What am I missing?


You sure you posted the right video?


0:09 in the video.

You can see and hear the sniper rifle repeat itself too fast. However, I’m unsure if it’s an actual hack - might be just a bug, or the reload speed buff. I don’t think it dealt that much damage.


I think O.P. might have mistaken Crow’s rifle for Val’s rifle? or maybe he means the medic right below crow?
right at :04 you can see the medic under crow’s gun. they do seem to be firing fast.


You can see and hear that it’s Val with her sniper rifle before Crow even starts shooting. Considering Val’s sniper has a capacity of 1, it’s mighty suspicious.


Ohh you’re right that is way too fast for the sniper.


The Val player, named Soul. Ex, 5 seconds into the video starts shooting the monster at a rate almost similar to a Lazarus. If you ever played Val you should know that it is impossible for Val to shoot that fast.
It is also not a sound bug because you can see the light effect coming from her weapon each time you hear the shot.


Yeah rewatching if you pay attention you can see her firing preeetty fast. I don’t think reload speed can account for that. It’s hard to see through crows gun but it’s definitely happening.


Yeah, you’re right. Thing is I don’t really see any weak points on the monster though.


It’s either a reload speed perk (maybe from wildlife)
Or it’s a hack.
She didn’t seem to be firing too fast to deny a reload perk being at work.


weakpoints don’t show up on cocoons IIRC


Pretty sure they don’t show up on evolving monsters.

This is possible, but the rate of fire still seems far too fast, and she doesn’t appear to be reloading.


Ah, ok. I thought they did. :s


They sound WAY differently. Val’s is “Bang bang bang!” and Crow’s is “Bzap bzap!” or maybe “Blewp!” The difference is physical shell vs. energy. I’m with OP on this one, that’s definitely Val’s sniper shooting extremely fast. I don’t think reload buff can get those kinds of speeds, but I’d like to test it now.


I am pretty sure something there makes the sound bagabonga!


I can definitely confirm that they are shooting way too fast. After hunting down the reload buff I could get off about 2 shots in about 3 seconds. The one in the link is getting off about 4 shots in 1 second.
Clearly, even using estimation, the difference is incredibly dramatic. If I had video capturing software I would throw that up but I feel like everyone’s really suspicious of that fire rate anyway.

Unreachable firing speeds on Val’s Sniper Rifle: Confirmed


More hacks already.

Still no one gets punished for using them so I am not surprised.