Val Perk : Damage?


Hi everyone. I’ve found my hapiness with valve and… wait… I mean Val for sure :wink:
Anyway here the question:

Is the damage perk is upgrading the healing gun ??? and what about the healing wave ??
Caus actually, I really don’t know what I’m doing to the monster or my friends. How to know this ? :confused:
I know this is DAMAGES but you know guys… games like this are subtiles… Moreover, we can say that the heal gun deals positive damages.

Thank you guys for answering me.


It doesn’t amp up healing, period.


I have no confirmation but I’m pretty sure that Damage really only counts for Weapons as the Sniper rifle. The Medgun heals, and doesn’t deal daamage.^^


Yeah i know this stuff. But we can’t know it for sure actually :x


Go to a custom, let your friend drop low, heal him up.

Do the same with dmg perk, record both times, then synch the videos and you’ll have the proof :stuck_out_tongue:


You can know for sure. Devs have said it doesn’t and you can test it out yourself. Reason being that Medic with Damage Perk and Hunters with Toughness Perk effectively grant all hunters 50% more health.


You can. If you measure and mark up the HP bar into divisible counts of 5, you can measure the amount someone is healed per 5% max HP.

When you heal as Val, you heal 5% of someone’s HP per second. When I take the damage perk, it’s still 5%.

All healing is flat and isn’t affected by perks or buffs.


The damage perks and buffs do not increase healing.


Hey Major, MacMan once wanted to come back to me in another post with Damage Charts/Graphics of Assaults, but seemed to forgot about that. Do you also have such charts, or is he the only one having that Data? :3


I have no such things, sorry.


Too bad, thanks for the answer though. Maybe you know about this: Do any weapons have bulletdrop/delay?

As for me, Val’s Tranq somewhat feels either delayed or that the dart Drops… but it could just be me, sometimes having to wait too long for the reload x:


Ok. that’s sad :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw i’m ig and a monster get Half population killed in evacuation first day. possible ???


I feel the same with her. But it happens when switching.