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I like val her tranqs are great her sniper is great but i feel her med gun seems useless against a good monster, I’ve successfully healed my teammates many times but does anybody else think her med gun doesn’t heal enough or do you think shes fine the way she is? Let me hear your thoughts because i really like val.

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There’s been quite a bit of talk around the forums with her Medgun feeling it’s underperforming compared to Caira’s healing grenades.

I feel like the Medgun should heal her as well but at a reduced rate or increase the healing rate from 5%HP/sec to 7%HP/sec.


She’s fine. I’m seeing WAY too few Val players actually using tranqs inside domes. Slow the monster to buy time for teammates to create distance, Then heal. Unless you have Hank. Then beam team.


I think it should heal faster/stronger the longer you heal that particular person. If you stop healing it, the strength goes back to normal…


I agree a slight buff would be welcomed to her in my opinion. Does any perk increase her realing rate/worth, so like if it took a damage bonus would it heal more?


From what I understand nothing affects the healing rate.


I like that idea it’s very reasonable to an extent.


Hiya, there is a Val discussion here.

Why not share your opinion there? :smile:


Real enjoy using Val.

Heal first and foremost.

Head to high ground to keep out the way.

Tranq the monster then put a few sniper weak spots in. Then go on a healing spree. Rinse and reapeat this.


Beam team all day!

its actually stupid strong lol.


I also see Val players not utilizing the heal burst. They stay out of the fight too long, healing from long distance, but don’t use the burst to get that extra oomph when a teammate is in need.

Not saying that Val couldn’t use a little nudge somewhere, just saying that people don’t get as aggressive with her as they might.

Val and Caira (Don't be dissappointed by actual post content)

caira sacrifices offensive potential for healing power, i think this is fair overall. her speedburst just makes caira way more viable in my oppinion.

how long do weakspots stay? maybe tune that a bit to give er a little boost. but not on the healing edge, thats totaly fine.


She seems like a liability to me. Could be because she’s hard to play to her full potential though


TL;DR All the medics are in a fine place right now, because they all have their own niche. To compare one aspect of their kit to any other is taking things out of context.

Val: Sniper: Damage boost for the whole team. Low damage, High damage amp
MedGun: Medium Healing. Medium Utility
TranqGun: Monster highlight and slow. Strong Utility

Laz: Sniper: Damage boost for the whole team. Low damage, High damage amp
Cloak: Self-only invisibility. Medium Utility
RezGauntlet: Revive dead allies, no strikes. Strong Utility

Caira: Incendiary Grenades: Fire damage. Medium low damage, no damage amp, low utility against Wraith cloak
Speed boost: Team speed boost aura. Medium Utility
Healing Grenades: Heavy Healing, without the glowing green beam Strong Utility, low Agro

All the medics have strengths in certain areas. Val is the jack of all trades; she can heal, provide a damage amp (not as reliable as Laz’s, but it’s more powerful), and slow and highlight the monster both in combat and out. Laz doesn’t do anything outside of combat, and Caira does very little outside of combat, but both are generally better at combat than Val to make up for Val’s chasing ability.

People are saying that Caira heals better than Val, and yes, that’s supposed to happen. I do believe that either Val’s beam should be less bright, or Caira’s grenades should leave a trail, since Caira gets more healing and less agro. Other than that, they are all in a fine place right now.


caira is by far the better chaser, speedboost is just so good to get your whole team closer to the monster. tranquilizer is just ignored by traversals.

other than that i agree, they are more or less fine until ranked proves otherwise.


What’s the cooldown on that speedboost? Is it going to help you keep that monster in range or at least sight so your trapper’s dome can come off cooldown? Nah. That speedboost will let you get some more shots off as the monster is leaving, but they’re guaranteed to get away eventually.

As for playing as a monster main, I know that if the Val can keep a dart on me, my over time speed is probably cut by 30%. You traversals take a while to come off cooldown once you’ve spent them getting away, and that walking speed slow is at least 50% or higher. If I can’t get some major distance right away with all my traversals and abilities, I know that I’m not going to make nearly as much ground as I need to to get my armor back by the time they’re on top of me again. Screw Laz, and screw Caira. I fear a good Val way more.


I wouldn’t mind increasing the heal value of Val’s healing burst, but coupled with an increased cooldown. Opposite to Laz whose healing burst heals for less but with a shorter cooldown. This would give her some needed burst (heh) to her healing ability, give her a better panic button (the other two medics have nice panic buttons) and allow her to stay back for longer periods of time (which is what you want to do as Val ).


My opinion on val is, Human players suck. Val bot is waaaayyyy too op. She gives me a mental break down every time I fight against her.


I agree I think, last night I checked on PC version my Val is on 87 on the leaderboards if I remember right somehow lol, but I really don’t see many good Val players using her properly.

I tend to stay at near max range if I can, if I see things heating up then I’ll creep in and healing burst and back off again, not only that but at higher level gameplay I started to notice that Vals seem to not want to use her tranq gun properly and understand what keeping away is, I see far too many of them actually chasing the monster when that’s not her job, she always wants to be behind.


Yeah i usually do that when i want out heal the monsters damage, it comes in handy.