Val Medic Improvement Idea to make her balanced


So from one of the posts wher polls were taken Almost every one agrees Val needs a rework here is my idea/suggestion to make her viable

  1. Rate of heal on her medgun increase the longer it stays on target ( rate drops to default if target gets hit so its no OP)

Reasoning: Most agree that val suffers from damage spread even in early game this should help even the odds…

  1. Vals heal burst regens faster if she doesn’t move ( by what mount Telemetry guys should decide) .

I’m sure you can get some proper numbers into these abilities without making them too good

What you all guys thinkg ??


I actually really like your first idea, that would make post-dome heals go much faster. I would like to see her HB recharge a couple seconds faster as well, her biggest issue isn’t really healing others, it’s healing herself.


Still prefer her med gun to heal herself at a slower rate.


TO tackle her self heal part I suggested point 2… imagine a scenario where monster is focusing on Val and Val player successfully pulls of a juke with support cloak , my suggestion point 2 should reward this val player for it and help keep the battle going…

This shouldn’t be OP as she has to stay still without moving for healburst to recharge faster and a clever monster will know where the foot prints end also can watch healburst going off and prevent the second fast recharge…


Yeah, I feel the MedGun needs to leak heals onto herself, and heal faster, too, since it only works on one person at a time. Monster would still be able to target her and out-damage the self-heal. I’d also vote for the beam to be invisible to the monster. Until that big green beam stops pointing at her, she’s never gonna last against a decent monster. She’d still have to be within line-of-site, so monster would be able to see her.

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The only thing I think she needs is to not be slowed down while healing.


Her heal burst isn’t the problem and isn’t what we need to look at. She needs a reliable form of self sustain which every medic has, but herself.


I agree, she should run at top speed when healing. She has lowest survivability of all medics. Laz have cloak and dont have to stop to heal teammates (just spaming HB on the way).

She has to much to do. Laz only shoots and minds reviving. Slim shoots and occasionally launch spore (sometimes even more often;)). Caira doesnt even need to swap to napalm cause it sucks. Val have to heal (what takes more time than other medics need and beam reveals her position very easy), shoot tranqs and place weakspots (Laz burst of weakspots x1.5 is better I suppose). Her sniper rifle could place x3 weakspot that lasts a bit long but she can’t place another for some cooldown time.

Increasing healing rate for medgun is good idea. Provided that it wont consume more ammo. She already can run out of ammo in the middle of heavy fight. Since she cannot overheal dmg it’s bad.


Val was niche because her relatively frail, offensively geared kit was not consistently effective past stage 2. In recent updates, the monster damage ceiling has been lowered, and stage 1 domes have become more and more advisable as the hunters’ ability to chip into health damage has been buffed. These are passive buffs to Val, she may not work with Bucket but she is pretty strong with Sunny now, although still niche. She’s the only medic that can reliably heal while being boosted.

The reload time on Val’s gun when emptied has also been buffed, which addressed the concern that she could not, as a single target healer, out heal Caira. I would like to know how the numbers compare now.

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She has reliable self sustain, it’s called range and tranqs :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m only being slightly facetious here.


Your first idea I like very much. But the second I think won’t be as helpful.
Imo, what makes the other medics more favorable than Val for most players is their ability to keep THEMSELVES alive along with their teammates. Lax can cloak, Slim has his spore clouds and can pop healing bursts like no ones business and of course, Caira is Caira. But Val can only tranq and run and that usually does very little to stop me.

If she has to stand still to get healing burst back quicker, then it’ll take longest when she’s fleeing… Which is when she needs it most! So I think it’d be more practical for her to get an easier method of healing herself.

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tranqs don’t help much when being focused, true.

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I don’t like saying any character is “niche.” They’re ideally all supposed to be viable in any combination, so I think Val really needs a boost. She’s fun to play with, and i’d like to be able to use her.


Viable perhaps, but not always effective

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I’d say to people that think Val isn’t viable here to have a go with her, take health regen perk, concentrate on staying at range and tranqing as much as possible between heals. The monster will come after you, try to run more than jetpack. It’s no good boosting three times only for the monster to then be on you. Ask the support to cloak and use the chaos the monster will have to run through to get distance again. Only dodge if necessary, or for a first movement. See what you think after playing it more that way.

With Caira you are on a team that is trying to stay alive long enough to deal the necessary damage, with a Val on your team you are a team that is trying to focus damage at the right time to force the monster in to not wanting to be in the fight. Don’t take Val to try and outheal a monster, take her to put the monster in a position where the Assault doesn’t have to do a ton of chasing around in order to do it’s job.

Val is a medic who is all about positioning, and excels on a team where your fellow hunters are able to mitigate damage in the early stage of a fight. Most Val matches I see lost (where it’s not obvious the monster is leagues ahead of the hunter team!) I can categorise as being matches where the hunters have got stupid damage from wildlife and entered a fight requiring Val to expend all of her healing, instantly putting them all on the back foot, and reducing her ability to use her rifles to bring the utility to the game she should.

Edit: This isn’t to say I wouldn’t welcome very small buffs to Val, Lack of movespeed reduction while healing, a slight self heal when actively healing hunters, maybe even an innate passive higher movespeed… there are options there that could be considered that would take the edge off. I just don’t think she’s in all that much of a terrible spot as people make out.


TRS won’t rework anything.

People have been asking for a decoy rework for 6 months and TRS hasn’t lifted a finger.

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I love playing Val, but I’ve never actually used the Health Regen perk with her, I’m gonna give that a shot and see how well that works, thanks!

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It won’t be much help if your team can’t give you the space, and if you aren’t trying to use your range, but it is IMO more effective than the reload speed.

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I like Val when I’m Torvald. She’s nice bait to mortars^^


I’ve brought this up way back before tier 4 were released… My idea for improving Val would be…

When actively healing a teammate with the medgun (when green beam is out), the cool down on her healing burst is also going quicker… Also when using the medgun it doesn’t slow her movement… I think this would solve her sustainability… It might be to much of an upgrade and prove to be OP…

Instead of the markers causing 2x damage all the time… I’d like them to split up the damage… When hitting a weak spot 1/2 of that 2x damage goes to armor & the other half goes straight to health… When armor is gone, then the weak spot acts like it currently does with all 2x going to health