Val Medgun Mastery Tier 3


Hey all I was wondering for Tier 3 medgun with Val when exactly do you have to use the medgun to gain points towards completion?

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Hunters have 1600 hp in total.

You need to heal a specific hunter for 1600 hp without him being knocked down.
It doesn’t have to be in one go.
As long as he doesn’t get knocked down, healing sums up until you reach 1600 hp limit and you gain +1 point towards progression. Then you can do it again on the same hunter.


Hope this helps buddy!

One of the devs explains it clearly


Alright cool, thanks guys. I was just healing them when they were about to be incapacitated but now it makes a lot more sense. Thanks again!


the best way to do this is to go with a friend in a custom match. have him next to reavers or something with low damage and just keep healing him .after 1600 hp it resets so you can possibly get another point from the same hunter


Pretty sure a Val threw our winning game vs a Wraith trying to revive our downed assault with the med gun. While she was healing him from near death, the low health wraith finished off me and the support, then returned to kill Val all before she revived him completely.

If any of you are guilty of this, you should feel bad.