Val is useless


I have seen the notes about the patching to her med gun to make it faster and a slight increase to tranquilizer time but I think it is partly missing the point. She is all round useless at the moment. Easily the weakest hunter of the lot.
She is my favourite character but I feel guilty picking her in public games as I know it would just make the team much weaker. I only use her now solo.

Her sniper rifle is way to slow to be effective vs fast moving monsters. Her tranquilizer doesn’t slow monsters much and lasts a pathetic amount of time. Her med gun is pathetically slow and is like a ‘please kill me monster I’m over here’.

So all her items are underpowered and even more importantly she has no self heal OR escape.

laz has cloak in emergencies and caira can self heal and boost.

Perfect example of why I wont play val again online is two hunts in a row vs a lvl 38 good monster player. First game I was caira, we won a very hard match and i managed to stay alive using self heal and dodge etc and got 19,000 heals on my team.

Next round i picked val, already feeling guilty, one player moaned I’d picked her before the round started. Same monster player and in the first major fight we lost, simply because val is useless. My tranquilizer barely slowed him and my med gun could heal no where near fast enough vs the damage the monster was doing everyone. Then as soon as the monster came for me I had my three seconds dodge of fuel but then I was screwed.

11 hunters >>>>>>> val. :frowning:

r.i.p. Val (even after patch).

shame as i love playing as her due to the constant switch play required.

Val is still a weak medic

I think with insane multitasking skill she can be good but she’s definitely weaker by default. I honestly think Caira is the only medic that’s worth a damn. Laz is nice in theorey but good monsters will just nullify him straight up and Val just can’t keep the team alive like Caira can. Without Hank, Val is useless but then again, Hank and Caira is better, so yeah… She’s kinda redundant.


The only problem I have with Val is lack of self-sustain. She is basically Lazarus without cloak.
Tranq does nothing to help you get away, as it doesn’t slow down traversals or abilities.
You still rely on your team mates to CC monster for you.

However I’m willing to see Val after changes, she is my favourite medic to play as by far.


Yeah she is my fav medic by far as well but I can’t pick her as I know it means defeat. I’ve checked my profile on leaderboard. With val I’m about 35% wins, with laz I’m about 70% win and caira 90% wins. There is something very wrong right there.


To me Val is more about positionning than multi-tasking, with her heal buff she should be pretty strong, but she’ll still be easily killed when focused down.

You need to understand that her Medgun has an INSANE range, like really, really high range, and the monster will have to reach you first before starting to deal damage, you’ll probably have time to change your location by the time he’s rushing on you.

What I found is that Val is really reliant on where the dome is placed, Val is nice on higher grounds, like Two high and small areas to jetpack boost in between is perfect, I once encountered that, with a griffin, and I couldn’t reach her at all, Griffin preventing me from climbing the wall, and when I managed to do so, Val would simply jump on the other cliff, so I was pretty much a sitting duck if I kept targetting her here.

I’d say Val is a sniper, if you don’t take advantage of her range, then yup, you’ll get rekt. But maybe it is completely impossible to do so against Wraith for instance, I dunno, I don’t play her much.


Quickswitch Val + Capacity Hank combo is still decently effective as long as there is Markov’s mines that people can run around… utilizing quick switch I can keep 3-4 crits on the monster + tranq while healing at the same time. I’m a macro machine! I can’t wait to see val after the update

basically Tier 1 comp is still decent if played right however it’s a defensive build and can be broken easily with Hank Focus


I wouldn’t call 60 meters being an “INSANE range”.

But yea, you basically said that she needs specific characters in your team to survive.
Something that Caira doesn’t need, have much higher sustain, longer range healing and much more tankiness and group speed buff, that sometimes is much more valuable than slowing down the monster.


That’s the problem though. You can’t set up your team up when it’s potentially useless against the monster. If you knew which monster’s gonna get picked, I can see it working. But you can’t, which leads to people picking the hunters that are generally good against everything.


As mentioned above she can be OKAY in certain domes with the right geography but most domes aren’t ideal and it isn’t possible to keep range and be able to heal/attack monster. Most of the time there to too much land mass in the way. Certain open areas with a few cliffs are perfect but that’s like 1 out of 10 domes. Yeah she is a sniper but how often in battle do you have clear line of sight and the distance buffer??


Maybe we might have to consider Caira as op, and not Val and Laz as weak ?

I dunno, its true she lacks some defensive abilities, but I don’t see any change on her set that could help on that, maybe a little self heal when she heals someone, or a stagger on the tranq shot at close range. :confused:


Yeah maybe she heals herself 50% whilst healing others or personally I’d like the tranquilizer to slow the monster more, not too much but enough to give her a bit more escape change.

caira isn’t over powered. I’d say her and laz are just right. Both excellent balanced. Caira is only great in the right hands.


What I’m wondering is why they didn’t add a special effect on the medic’s class ability, that would have been easy to implant and really interesting to use.

It would have been interesting to use healing burst like this :

Val : The healing fields roots the monster in place for 1,5 secs
Lazarus : Small cloacking field, lasts 5 seconds
Caira : Movespeed increased by 15% for 4 seconds

Or some kind like that.
It is all guessing numbers, but I feel like on versatile class like the medic, a special effect on its class ability didn’t seem like too much.


I don’t think Caira is OP. A good Stage 2 or decent Stage 3 monster can easily get her down. Only Hank and Caira together are genuinly a threat to a good stage three player. Still, especially with Dash (the running Goliath thingy) and abduction, it’s easy to seperate and down Hank and then focus Caira. Kraken, maybe, struggles with that.

Lazarus is definitely a problem in himself. He can be completely nullified by watching corpses, especially Wraith completely laughs about a Laz (easy to eat in cloak) while Banshee Mines and Rockthrow guard them easily as well. Flamethrower also makes Laz’s cloak laughable. I don’t think I’ve ever lost to Laz while I definitely lost to Valerie and Caira before. Valerie would be better than Caira imo if she could keep herself alive properly but she can’t, which is really her demise. Once focused, she’ll die without Hank, 100%.


Val is useless at current stage and she will be even after patch.

There is absolutely NO reason to take her over Laz or Caira except extreme fanboism. And even with Hank on her side ( no character should be viable with only another by his side) Laz and Caira would do 100 times better.


No, she’s not.


That’s a good argument.


Really? How about tranq dart and being able to reliably heal a team member from a safe distance with next to no aiming whatsoever?


As is the topic of this thread.


a tranq dart is pretty useless when you are not able to survive longer than a few seconds.


Clever positioning is key to survival. Also fighting at advantageous places. Tranq dart is one of the best abilities in the game. Ask any competent monster player how annoying a decent Val can be.