Val is OP, nerf taunt

Dear monsters, monsters in training and trolls living under the bridge and possible douches who play wraith and spam decoys.

Played a game with Goliath earlier and was having a blast despite the slight lag I was experiencing.

Wanted to share this lil story that tells you how horribly overpowered Val is.

Skipping to the parts that actualy matter.
I was stage 2, lost only around 1 bar of health, Assault had 1 strike so far, their medic was Val bot, and I had just crushed their support and trapper dead.
Assault took a rock to the face and leap smash which depleted his shield. I proceed to melt his face and just as I’m about to finish him with epic overhead swing for the glory of Golys everwhere, their medic bot Val pops up right under my ass. Instead of finishing the assault off, my Goly is compelled to do the most sensible thing, extra slow backwards swing at the medic which gives her enough time to heal the assault up a little and the assault to get out of my range.

Oh well, knocked the medic away down a ledge with minicharge and leap smashed the assault as he had only a sliver of health left, he had a bit of jetpack fuel and dodged it. No matter, am at his face again and this time, he is going down. I’m already offering his life to the great Goly and,
then the medic comes poke me in the ass again and I have a slight dejavu as I watch in denial as my Goly goes do the extra slow backwards swing again just as I was about to finish of the assault 2nd time in row.

Had to retreat and get some armor at this point for the next fight.

This time I downed hank almost right away because of his poor positionin he took rock to face, their trapper was so far away that I couldnt smell him at all execpt the trail of piss he left in his wake as he had run away.
Their medic bot was doing bot things and jumping around doing absolutely nothing, guess she didnt know if she should follow Markov or Griffin. Poor bot, decisions are hard for them.
Well, I was alone with Markov so I decided to pound his face which his cursed lightning gun canceled. He used what lil jetpack fuel he had left trying to flee from me but quite fast it was at the same situation where I was just about to crush his face.

And guess who pops up to poke my ass again?

Here’s a picture of Val sneaking up on unsuspecting Goliath about to use her special taunt poke to force the goly to attack her. (Griffin is substituting for Val because he wants to wear her hat and Val was not available at this time) So you can better grasp the situation.

At this point, I already knew what would happen, and there it was, the slowpoke back attack, 3rd time in row, when I was just about to crush their assault to finish the deal.

What did we learn from this experience?

  1. Val has OP taunt where she can force you to attack her when she comes to poke you just under your tail in melee range, it also slows your attackspeed making you a sitting duck.
  2. Dont play with mobile broadband when your connection is not optimal as lag might be an issue.
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u suck oooooooooooooooooooooooooget rekt


Quite the entertaining read. But yes, I’ve noticed this strange tendency to hit behind the model as well if you have 2 targets available. I assume this is to prevent running circles around the slower Monster model, but it can be quite annoying to have your attacks randomly switch targets. That said, I believe the way it works is that every n-th attack in the cycle will be behind your model if you have a target available. As such I think this should be counterable by breaking your attack cycle with Abilities to prevent this (Firebreath, Charge). I imagine it’s a little tedious to keep track of which attack you’re on and figuring out which number the n actually is, but at the same time it increases the skill gap in between Goliath players. Learn to work around it and you’ll probably see your performance sky-rocketing :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it was lag issue, as I have only had the same thing happen before when I have experienced laggynes, but never like this. This time it just felt that the bot was doing it on purpose as it happened 3 times in a row just when I was about to finish markov off and and everytime Val bot just jetpack boosted straight under Goly’s tail :smile: She sure loves that tail.

I dont think there is any cycle for the back attack, it just does the back attack if the computah decides that you are trying to target the person behind you to quickly turn you around.

My performance will sky-rocket once I get real broadband :wink: this mobile hell machine is not the best thing for gaming.

I think Val’s ass is more powerful than that any taunt. It’s enough to make me not wanna attack her. I main Monster too!

My problem was that my Goly just absolutely wanted to lunge her,
so it just might be that ass he was after :laughing:

Often have the same issue on Goliath, even if no one is right behind me. You have a target right in front of you on 5% health, you’re about to finish it, and Goliath just flips 180 degrees and smashes to poor oxygen in the air behind him.

Lost many fights due to this.

Can you blame him? I think even Wraith went lezbo for Val. If I was a girl, I’d be into girls for Val.




This made me lol so hard.

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so wait…im confused. he wants val to be nerfed…because the MONSTER attacks w/e is behind him if it gets too close???

i dont…wut??? did i read this right???

You know… At the end of Evacuation mode where the monsters win, Val does get abducted by the Wraith :wink:


Read it again with tought :wink: Maybe it will clear up for you.

@Fluffington that is true, and it is never shown what happens next


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