i noticed alot of ppl started using val, even though the challenge doesnt start in another 10hrs ish,

im just destroying them :grin:

more challenges that keep medic from being caira plz XD omg havnt had this much fun in a while, such winning streaks

thnk you devs, we monsters needed a break from caira :heart_eyes: keep up the good work


I’m gonna Tranq and juke the shit outta you…



poor fool, your already eaten :smiling_imp: enjoy my belly, for more vals will join you soon ^.^


:stuck_out_tongue: i’m on a 14 game streak with val. Pub vals are just bad.


same here against val 16 winning streak XD they are delicious, would have been 28 but some ppl choose caira and slim and laz :stuck_out_tongue:


honestly if you lose in pubs as monster you aren’t a good monster


agreed thats why vals are soo delicious, num num num num hmmmm :yum: hmm hmm hmm


Oh I think Val is very yummy and I’m not even a monster… :wink:


as a monster player i can confirm she is nice and tender with a hint of firmness :yum:


so u think val is weak and freeloot?

ill challenge u to play vs our mainteam


Maybe try playing against Players with higher skill


I read this topic title in Markov’s voice.


Wait. Did you miss my point? You might have missed my point… although it looks like you might have gotten it as well… gah. Why does the Internet make it so hard to detect this stuff! This is a matter of life and death. We need a better pervert detection system. Also sarcasm.


When I run into a pub Val I know it’s an automatic win for my Goliath


i GOT IT!!! lol but yes, i think a giant sign with sarcasm/pervertness should be available?


i have as behemoth, its kinda hard when the wall breaks >.< oh high lvl it all depends on how much my rock wall breaks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and i love it XD makes it frustratingly fun lol


what system/console?


pc of course


I came to this thread hoping it was another sexy wraith threadbut with Val…

@MidnightRoses @Shin @Quirkly


oh that, yeah i dont play on that, good luck in the next few weeks :smirk: