Val improvement suggestions (Telem thread breakaway)


I am no expert obviously but I still am of the opinion that for Val to be as good as Caira or Slim (Laz is more his own category imo) she needs some better self-healing. Not as much as those two since she does have tranqs but maybe like when she heals someone she heals for half the rate. Give her ways to get her health up a little bit other than heal burst.

Or adjust her heal burst to Lazarus levels. I still think the tranq buff had an unintended side effect of punishing already losing monsters but didn’t help her that much against stage 2 and 3 monsters. It being so easy to keep stacked on the larger monsters also feels a little frustrating.

Telemetry and Game Balance

I feel that Val just needs a good team to support her. She is great in an offensive minded team. However, most people treat her like Caira when they should treat her like Laz and support her.


Throwing out an idea I had about this. Since we have multiple medics now that have a unique healburst (Laz- shorter recharge, Slim- greater area), why not make Val’s healburst heal herself for a much greater amount? Her main problem seems to be survivability, and this would help for when she’s getting focused hard by the monster.


I guess I just don’t see her ever reaching Caira or Slim levels while her self-healing is so low. Hank and/or Sunny can only keep so much damage off her, tranqs won’t stop Goliath from rock throw/leap smashing her and her self-healing won’t keep up with it.

But I’m not a Val player, this is more my feeling when I play against her.

She’s incredibly strong at Stage 1 imo but Stage 2 and 3 she becomes easy meat.

Yup, with no way to heal herself other than heal burst (the other two medics who can’t heal themselves have faster cooldown heal bursts as you point out) eventually, especially at stages 2 and 3, the monster catches up regardless of how much your support shields you. And no amount of trapper CC is going to stop the monster from hitting you with Lightning Strike or Rock throw.


Shes designed for Stage 1/2 fights though. I feel that Val is better when people are better at dodging skills. I’ve seen good teams use her, people just don’t work with her.


I agree but this is true for any medic. Lazarus is actually much better when people don’t go down super fast, it means you have more than one person to revive.

Just rare I see a Val do something Caira (or especially Slim) couldn’t do better. Catching a stage 1 with tranq abuse now that it lasts 10 seconds is about it.

I play her occasionally and I think she’s fun and she’s not TERRIBLE but being able to make her work is not truly the same as being “as good as”. Hence the large win rate gap.


For survivability yes, but not overall. Caira doesn’t bring much outside of speed and Fire Grenades. Val can Tranq and Weakpoint. Therefore, if the team doesn’t require healing, she is the best to have, arguably.


I would suggest that you look at her self healing. She lacks the ability to undo damage that the monster does to her. It takes 4 health bursts to nearly get her to full health from being nearly dead, or 88 seconds. That is unreasonable. I would also point out how incompetent she is against multi target damage.


She also has no defence against the behemoth.

He laughs at her tranq and just rolls through it to focus her down.


What if the Medgun alt fire was made able to heal Val slowly? It would grant her the little extra bit of survivability she needs, and also make her have to decide if its better to heal herself or her teammates, so she’d maintain the “singular target healer” thing.


This. Exactly this. So much this. Thank the sun for MaddCow, you glorious heifer.

If my team is decent is moving, if I’m confident they have some rudimentary kiting ability, Val it is. Caira is just a crutch for bad players.


One of us
One of us


hahahahahahahah, I played a heavy spamming behemoth and kited him down to two bars, he tried so hard to get me and he eventually did get me at his death bed. Had mah Nike’s on in that match on distillery by the waterfall and crowbill. I was running around pillars, jumping over them climbing others and tranqing, the guy could not touch me .


Still waiting for more changes on Val.

Medics haven’t changed in regards to Caira being the most reliable and consistent Medic.

It’s not a bad idea, but Heal Burst on Val has a really long cooldown. Even if we buffed it to heal more on Val it’ll only be significant in Stage 1 fights, we need to change her where she’s more reliable later on in the game like allowing her to heal herself with the Medgun if it’s targeting a team member to give her consistent sustainability.

Her Medgun also still heals too slow since the extra 1% MAX HP/sec buff in the last patch isn’t justified for the bigger nerfs in increase ammo consumption and slower recharge time, IMO it needs to be buffed to 8%HP/sec.

Also her Tranq duration hasn’t really helped her survivability, it never deterred good Monsters in the first place since it only makes bad players Monster put them on tilt with tranq spam, while skilled Monsters just play around it easily.


yep exactly val seems actual stronger when we are playing in our team. but we would never pick val if we would play pubs or if not atleast one is medic and one support.

caira doenst care about the team

with val u need rly good synergy with ATLEAST ure support


I really enjoy Val’s game, but one change Id like to see made to make her A better character… When your actively healing teamate with the medgun, it increases speed your heal burst ability recharges at same time (similar to Slim increasing his with the leech gun)… Why… Well because your a sitting neon green highlight duck while healing ur team, while moving slower than normal… A quicker burst rewards you for healing efforts, while sustaining yourself when the monster come a calling more effectively.

Telemetry and Game Balance

Caira isn’t a crutch, her healing is the only one out of all the Medics that’s reliable and consisten. It’s the whole reason why she’s the only Medic you see in competitive games. How often is Val and Lazarus picked in a serious game?


Thats why shes a crutch, your teammates can make mistakes but its ok because you’re there to keep their butts alive. Caira is sorta the “idiot proof” medic


I wouldn’t know what it’s like on the recieving end- I’m either the Medic or my team picks a Laz :expressionless: -but as Val I feel like my healing is more reliable. With Caira I can smack you around and she’ll miss a fair few nades, but with Val she’ll stay on you. Slower, yes, but more reliable.

But to be honest…if you want to buff Val…Go ahead. :wink:


This, pretty much. If your team is good, Val is better.