Val has the best Cloak in the Game


Val’s hidden technique, the ability to turn so invisible even her portraits and art disappear!

(This went from rare to very common for me recently)

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)
Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

That… Is… Awesome! Can others see her? If not, you should play as Val every game. Just decimate the monster every round, wondering where the hell you came from.


Naw, only shows invisible for me I believe.

Added more screenshots from different games.



Val’s really an experimental sentient weapon created by CIG9 to counter the monster threat of Shear! VAL stands for Valiant Assault Liberator. Her capabilities include: turning into a powerful Armor Piercing Sniper Rifle, Tranq Gun, Medigun, and being able to spontaneously fart green gas to heal her allies. While VAL is a sentient weapon of ultimate destiny, she employs a hologram to produce a visage of an “army brat” so that she can be accepted by her allies.

While VAL’s persona is commonly projected, she can’t maintain it when the “Abe” continues to hit on her 24/7. Sadly though, the “Abe” has been found to still be madly in love with VAL. Even when Abe realized that VAL was a magical floating gun (of ultimate destiny).

Why can’t all the fun bugs happen to me in my games? ;-;


Val the invisible woman! I so hope this happens to me as well :heart_eyes:


Val is Gun.

Happened again this game, as well as to me too when I went to play her.

More screens, again different games.