Val / Hank - Capacity or Reload?


As Val or Hank (both in much the same boat), what do I want more in terms of starting perks? Capacity or Reload? At the moment I’m leaning towards reload since it lets me do more over the course of a dome, but I’m anything but an expert hunter so I could use a steer.


I play Hank a lot…I found Reload perks to be the BOMB! Although you could get more protection out of it you are not going to be able to shield as fast


Class cooldowns IMO. It gives you extra self healing and I imagine it improves your healing more than reload or capacity would.

Depends on your team makeup. I would suggest survivability perks when your medic has plenty of self healing, and consider reload/capacity/class cooldowns when your medic is val


I generally run weapon switch > class cooldown > reload on Val atm


I would suggest a mix of reload and class cooldown. The reload for teammates, the cc for both yourself and your teammates. If you’re confident in your team, maybe double cc.


OG Val - reload
R.val - mix
Hank n tech hank - mix or full reload but I rather CD for both hanks


For Hank it really depends on your own playstyle.

Reload is good to do more total “shielding per second” (as opposed to damage per second). Where Capacity’s bonus comes with the drawback of a longer recharge time, Reload comes without drawbacks.
You can pretty much just find a high rock to camp on and shield from there, holding the Shield Projector 24/7.

Which brings me to the alternative.

Capacity is good for really allowing you to do a cycle of shield -> damage -> shield without it feeling too awkward. Without Capacity it’s often a waste of time to even bother switching to another tool when your shields are low, while with Capacity you can truly shield some magnificent burst damage from the Monster and then switch to your Laser Cutter / Orbital Barrage for a few seconds.

I prefer Capacity. Without it I can barely shield one Rock Throw and I’d lose a lot of time needlessly switching weapons even though standing still waiting for the damn Shield Projector to recharge would’ve been better due to its low capacity (thus fast recharge).

Class Ability perks work well for Hank too, especially if you feel like you might be the Monster’s constant priority but don’t want to risk spending every perk on mobility to keep only yourself alive longer.


[HT]MonkeyBot recommends

Rocket, CDR, CDR

For Hank


Ok, thanks for the input guys!