Val Elite Skin


Just got this today and I gotta say it looks nice


The armor piercer looks cool. Kind of star wars looking


I kinda wish it had more blue just to go with the rest of the weapons but I do like it either way


Nice! Im closing in on Cabots Elite skin. All im stuck on is the Headshot dmg. Im getting it just slowly lol


I got Hydes Elite skin the other day,
His glove says “I’m the F*cking king” lol,


Lol I have it to his mini gun has Goldie on it


I have Caira’s Elite skin, and it looks exactly like that. I’m guessing they are all those same colors.


I got Abe’s Elite earlier today; I don’t really care for the hunter skins as much as I do monster, but its nice to have that symbol by my name.


Took me 3 days to get my elite skin for Val , That was a struggle :frowning: I wish it would have changed her cloths as well to match her rifle. Would have made the struggle a bit more worth. #TeamValerie


Thread resurrection, any tips on elite medgun? What is meant by heal before incapped


You have to heal the equivalent of full health before they go down. So if you heal for half health twice that counts as one. Its really annoying.


Yeah I’ve done more than that and didn’t get credit… The other two are a walk in the park


Yes, and I think they must not get down. I did it on defence with bots - Salveron industries map, Kraken. Let the Kraken come and deal damage, the high tower in the first zone is quite the overlook spot.


Thankfully the tranq and headshot combo are easy on that map


I used it for many of the milestones - good lines of sight there.