Val Discussion

I just wanted to create this topic to see how people think of Val now, as a Goliath main I think she needed a buff on the medgun, but now when she is paired with Hank she feels unstoppable at times, also I have the one question being if a tranquilized monster is hit with another tranq, does it reset the time the monster is slowed?


Yup. If you tranq him once, and wait three seconds- so five seconds till the tranq dies- and then shoot him again, it resets to the full timer.

As for Val- I think she’s fine atm.

-sarcasm alert-

Might need to nerf her sniper and tranqs to make her balanced, right @FengShuiEngine?

-end sarcasm-

Don’t push my Val buttons… >_>

You know you want the APSR and Tranqs nerfed, they’re way too gud.

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The tranqs are annoying because they essentially remove the movespeed perk, which is a little bit ridiculous.

I wouldnt mind if they just dropped the clip for the tranqs to 1 or maybe 2 shots. Would be a noticeable difference.

Stop it…no one is allowed to touch Val…noone…

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Except TRS when they nerf her offence.

@FengShuiEngine See? It begins! :smiley:

As Val would say “I will kill you…”

Shes a sniper, she can manage.

Yeah…everyone is JUST noticing NOW how awesome tranqs now…it only took them…what? 8 months to figure that out?

TRs don’t hurt Val…please…from the bottom of my heart. Please don’t. :cry:


She’s evolve’s female mascot…don’t do this to me TRS please!

They don’t care about your heart. :grinning:

They’re doooooing it. Everyone is asking for it, like with the Laz nerfs. Were they needed? No! Did we get them? Yes!

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It’s not fair…TRS I make you a deal.

Reduce HB to 525, reduce CD to 14s, reduce medgun heal rate to 105. There. No tranq or APSR nerf needed. Everyone’s happy.

I think I found the problem.

Except Hank is fine now. No nerfs necessary. O.o

But they won’t do that because then she’d be how she was, and they didn’t like her back then.

No matter what happens to Hank, shield and heal is a nasty combo :stuck_out_tongue: it’s always with Hank or with Sunny where these heal rates feel like an issue.

Not saying that Hank’s too strong or whatever, just saying it’ll always be true.

On that note though, what happened to Hank that made him fine?

What? No…before her HB was 16s with 450. Now it would be 525 and 14. A balance between the two. It wouldn’t be pre 5.0 val.

They didn’t like her sustain other though. Else they’d not have buffed it. They don’t go back on patches.