Val discussion time


Alright, time to make a pure Val discussion topic now.

Recently I’ve seen a LOT of people calling her OP, and I wanted to make a central place to see how many believe this as opposed to not, and why.

So do you? If so, why? If no, why not?

  • Val is overpowered.
  • Val is balanced.
  • Val is underpowered.
  • I do not know.

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I personally find her to be the most meh healer, but she can wreck monster DPS if she has LoS on a hunter that’s being focused.

The tranqs are the kicker. It’s kinda why I only pick her, personally. That crap can cripple the hell out of a monster, and you can spam it for days. Plus, you get an outline of where the monster is.

I think she’s balanced.

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Her self sustain is pretty strong now. O.o


Eh. Depends who’s playing her, I guess. Plus I haven’t played as much, so I don’t know if they reduced the cooldown on the burst (I’m assuming they have).


She prettymuch has permanent Reload Speed, but better, and can also take like JPR or MS for extra self sustain. She’s good and strong right now in that department.


Can’t comment effectively on this, havn’t played the new patch.

Reserving this space.


In which case, I redact my statement about self sustainability until I get to try this more.

Meta changes…


Personally, I think she is balanced at last. I don’t think she’s OP, really. Not sure though.


I think she’s finally balanced perfect. She’s supposed to be able to out heal any other medic in terms of healing a single target, and now she does that perfect. Cheers to our sniper medic from CIG9!!!


Well, in comparison to other medics she’s disgustingly overpowered. Guess it kinda evens out kraken being stupid now as well though :s

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Which is why I feel the others should be buffed to match her healing, self sustain AND utility.

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She’s stupid…


Please don’t do that. Actually try to explain your answers. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Stand alone - balanced.

Compared to the other Medics - OP.

Edit: Damnit. I need to start reading the replies above me before I start typing. It’s already been said.

Personally I think the other Medics are currently a better guideline to balance around than Val is, as I said in another topic earlier this week (can’t remember which one).
I like how they’re still the Medic and are still the most vital asset to the team, but no longer necessarily unneglectable.

If that makes the Medics too weak, well… work from there.
I’d rather see Monster’s overall strength decreased (god forbid I accidentally put ‘Monster’ and ‘Nerf’ in the same sentence though) instead of the Medic’s strength buffed.
I prefer it this way.
Makes it feel slightly less ‘forced’ for the Monster to have to go for the Medic first while the Hunter team on the other hand also isn’t immediately fucked without him/her.

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She’s stupid because she’s stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding. I put her as OP because she has a ridiculous amount of healing and self sustainability for the amount of utility she has.

Caira is supposed to be the healer, Slim is the combat medic, Laz is the silent medic, and Val is the utility medic.

Making her self sustainability better was a step in the right direction, same with her healing, buuuut they went a bit overboard.

Either she needs good healing and crap utility or great utility and not-so-good healing.

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Without Sunny/Hank: Still Val-like, decent self sustain, but still not good enough, and burst will end a teammate in a few seconds/run her medgun out on heals.

With Sunny/Hank: Might be a bit much.
Not sayin OP, but eh, haven’t fought her enough but what I can say, is that she’s a good ways better than the others, and that’s ech.


Agreed, I say she’s OP but that’s only because anyone with a brain knows Hank/Sunny make her God tier.


I think her tranqs could use a tweak, currently my only gripe with her is that it completely negates MS perk. If it did not do that I would be perfectly happy with her where she is.

as it is though, she is super punishing to those monster players that like to use MS. Right now, I feel forced to take TS to combat her since there are so many of them now.

That’s a good thing btw that she is finally balanced (with the exception of tranq) but i do want to take MS again but it is just not viable with all the vale around.

Also, the combo of sunny/val/griffin needs some sort of fix because that is wayyyyy too stronk.


Well to be fair monsters counter HR. like how tranqs counter MS.