Val can't keep up with all this AOE damage. Dayum


I think I’m starting to grasp a better understanding on why Val is considered such a bad pick as a medic.

With the new buff instated on her self heal, she is really close to with the other medic (besides Cheese Caira but that’s her thing) at keeping herself alive long enough for her teammates to cover her.

The main issue I have seen with playing her is that she cannot heal a single target fast enough and AOE damage really overwhelms her ability to keep her support support alive, which is really the only thing that can help keep her alive.

R.I.P. Val pick.


I dunno, I think of it as you’re trading a few more strikes here and there for increased damage and utility. I for one, love Val, and probably will more after I get to play with the Heal Burst buff.


AOE damage screws up all medic, including caira, the hunters just need to dodge more often, as monster I always use those types of attacks since they screw up the medics.


The heal burst is awesome now.

The problem with Val is that she does not have it in her to keep one of her teammates alive with the focus healing.


Still a far better pick than Slim.


That is true. That’s how Val is different from Caira:

Where Caira is heavy, direct, and tanky, she lacks quickness and utility
Val doesn’t have the sheer power, but her kit works towards a very agile play style.

To keep teammates alive with Val, everyone has to be jetpacking well, you have to be tranq’ing to slow (thanks, quick switch!) and your team has to be punishing, shield, boosting, whatever they can to help the teammate. Support is crucial- as is assault to get in there and soak hits.

In short, Val requires pretty good teamwork and skill- but she has so much more potential than people give her credit for.


val worked good with a team before
val works rly rly good now.
val will work almost as good as caira if the reload perk gets fixxed.

its a complete different playstyle for the medic AND for the whole team ure support has to be on his game so val can use her sniper so the team can be more offensive due to weakpoints AND her own dmg.

val and support must work together and need rly good communication and synergy


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Still no fix on the reload perk? Ehh


Wots the problem?


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She’s had one to many chicken nuggets.


Her single target healing actually outdoes the other medics right now. If you are talking about not being able to out-heal monster damage on a single target, then that is due to game balance. Wouldn’t be fair if she could make people invincible to the monster. As far as AOE damage, your team should never be grouped up so that more than one person is hit anyway. Her biggest flaw was her inability to survive while being focused, which was why they buffed her self healing. Think of Val like Hank, but instead of shielding the target being focused, you are healing them. Beyond that, same mechanics really.

As a medic (and Val) main, she is a perfectly viable pick. However, in pub matches with uncoordinated teams it can be difficult, especially if everyone groups up to eat a rock throw. This isn’t a problem with her kit, but rather people not positioning properly, hence why Caira is usually better in pubs.


She is. Infinitely better than Slim. Slim can pubstomp, but against a good Monster he is worthless.


I wouldn’t be so sure, slim’s stupid invisibility nades is like a perma cloak, AND he heals better than val if the monster’s in his sight.


no he does not.

and spore is pretty meh vs actual good monster player


Oh yes he does, and spore is really good for saving other people, not to mention he has the ability to revive without touching the target.


id played her two times for now, if theres no hank its still the same VAL dies first. If theres a hank you run out of ammo real quick and hank dies…

same story like before the patch.


Yep. I really have no idea why they didn’t make it so her Heal Burst heals everyone for 50% more instead of just her. She needs a lot of help with her in-combat healing because of her slow single-target healing rate, this would have been a good way to fix up some of her glaring weaknesses. Even with better self-healing she still doesn’t compare to Caira as a Medic.

Heal Burst needs a major buff as a mechanic across all characters instead of making these small adjustments; 3 out of 4 Medics are still not quite up to snuff with their healing (birds/stone etc). Slim heals 40% less with his Heal Burst, which negates a lot of the benefit of being able to quickly refresh it; Laz has always sorely lacked in-combat healing even with a faster cooldown - relying only on revives as a healing mechanic will never really be balanced because it can be countered without counter, and keeping the dome up becomes prohibitively difficult; and Val has always been a poor healer - there’s no reason to pick her over Caira as a Medic, she’s outclassed by group healing, self-healing AND healing rate. I remain in an ongoing state of disbelief at how little attention the Medic class has received.