Val Artic Skin Screenshots


Just a showcase for those won’t didn’t get it or haven’t redeemed it yet.


Oh yeah, I earned my artic skins for Val! They are indeed nice. :sunglasses:


This was the first Hunter’s quest skin I missed… I think it’s because I’m really finding myself caring less and less about this game after each day lol.

Or maybe it’s because I have the bomb ass Phoenix Skin for Val… Idk, it’s prob both of those things haha


The Phoenix skins are indeed the best ones imo. The deal breaker is that they’re not available for Slim. :confused:


Damn, the name alone dashes all hopes I had of seeing them sell these later on in the store…


Yeah I wish Slim got them too.


They have specific colors for characters/classes, well that’s TRS’ excuse anyways… But if you ask me I’d say Slim has shown us that 80% of monsters don’t know who the eff they’re attacking unless they can see the ‘HUD text color’… not the character’s color.


I don’t think I got them because I didn’t get to play much due to my app not wanting to work the last few days. Kept on saying “needs internet connection to play” or something like that although my phone was connected to my wifi. I even tried it using my data but nothing.

The skin looks cool though


All these Arctic skins are real sweet. Good freebies for people like me who don’t usually pay for cosmetics.


I forgot to redeem mine while it was still available to redeem, so I guess I’m out of a skin. They really should just link it to Evolve once the results come in, rather than having to click it yourself.


Man I love my artic skin, played from the very start of the even and landed at 5986 :smiley: got me enough to get my skin <3