Val and hank combo is unbeatable

well i’ve yet to win a game like that where they make a mistake…

shielding isnt hard and healing with val is even easier…

literally just now after i made this thread i jumped into a match picked tech hank and had a normal val with me, we beat a wraith with a 8 winstreak…

Tech Sgt Hank is worse than OG Hank, in my opinion, and Rogue Val sacrifices healing burst for her allies, just for herself alone. It takes a bit of time to understand the weaknesses of the characters in the game, which is why it’s good to test some of the ones you find difficult.


regular val cant self heal faster like other medics and has to rely on her heal burst to bring her back up to health… ur best bet to beat this combo is to ambush them when they are split up or if they are playing fulll try hard… ambush them where they least expect you … make sure you ambush at the right moment say like hank just used 2 jetpack boosts to get to a point … or if you see val use 2 jetpack boosts… its gonna be hard though…

how can i exploit rogue val after concentrating damage on her ? :confused:

and how can i exploit hank after going after him ?

i know i have much to learn but i need to help when it comes to this two lol

Priorities change a lot in the game. Let’s say you’re a Wraith and fighting against, Rogue Val, Hank(OG), The Jackal, and Hyde(I really don’t know the assaults that well…); usually some people would go by either, Rogue Val -> Hank(OG) -> The Jackal -> Hyde, others might go for Hank(OG) -> Rogue Val -> The Jackal -> Hyde. Priorities mostly depend on how well each hunter is hurting you, The Jackal could be the main source of your pain because of his repulsor is hindering your movement by a lot, Rogue Val, to be honest, is off the table…

(Please don’t flag this… It’s a trick.)
Hank is a nice pick, because of how well he can defend his allies, and Hyde is probably going to be your priority if the rest of the team isn’t good. You have to think quickly in order to win this game.

TL:DR - Priorities can change in the heat of battle.

To answer the original poster @TrippyPlant, Hank and Rogue Val will get a balance nerf soon:

Also a fix is in the work that should stop Hank and Tech Hank’s shield burst from stacking on top of each other:

I hope this answers yours (and others) concern a bit.
Let me know if you need to know anything else!


Yep just target support first (hank) in this case. Val can’t out heal if you keep landing your abilities. Just dont overcommit and get out and ambush again when they are not prepared.

this is good news

How could you betray me like this.

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How so? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hank with the right perks can double shield burst and get healed by val. Can’t kill Val if hank is shielding her and can’t kill hank if he’s being healed and can double shield burst.

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See why I play Hank :wink:

Yeah if I see you play fort knox I will kill you first. if I can that is!

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How are we supposed to play Fort Knox??? Defend was removed from S2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hank is fort knox.

:scream: lol

Hank is much much worse than Sunny.

They make a great comp. It’s not a problem of Val or Hank, only Val & Hank. I think it should be fixed, but that should’t mean their individual performance being nerfed. Idk. Maybe Hank’s shield going down faster when being healed might be fair.

Ha! I doubt that…Okay maybe not to Meaty with the Burst Dmg he does but still she’s pretty powerful

It’s better to focus Val in a Val comp.