Val and crow again


I know this has been mentioned but its getting beyond a joke its all I’ve seen all day coupled with Cabot dam amp
No one wants to spend a 20 min game with 2 or 3 different debuffs all game


Hunters are supposed to be able to track you. Without debuffs, how would they counter running/stealth gameplay?

The point of the monster, is to avoid hunters until you think you can kill them.

The point of the hunters, is to find you before you can kill them; and kill you.


I was under the impression that stasis and tranq didnt stack… or was that something else?

PS Traversals still work! (except behemoth…)


You only have one person damaging you if val, crow and cabot are on a team and doing their debuffs.


Oh yeah good point lol


Stasis and Tranq don’t stack.


Well then! I don’t really see the problem…


If your slowed all game there is no hunt so to speak
More like clubbing a seal
And don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being slowed but from 2 sources means you can be crippled and once in that state its incredibly difficult to get out as the 2 seperate sources can leave you with no time to break line of sight
The slow should degrade over time or have a 0.5 second cool off before re application can apply


Having faced an extremely devastating team that used this combo, I can see the problem. Replace Cabot with Sunny though. Basically, no matter what I did- stealth start, run like hell- I was found and perma slowed within 20 seconds of the hunters hitting the ground. With sunny boosting them TO me while I was perma slowed… yeah, not fun. I almost took a break from the game because of how unfun it was to play that team for four matches. It was pretty much them butchering a pig, only replace “pig” with “Goliath”.


Had to do it

But anyways, I can see how it could be slightly annoying. The best thing you can do, is try to avoid them until stage 3. Crow is pretty weak at start, try to avoid possible Gobi flight paths.


They don’t but you can apply one then other back and forth so your constantly slowed


If I’m not mistaken, the longest slow duration rn is Val 10 second tranq.

They can’t slow you if you don’t get caught (IK easier said than done)

If youbreak LoS and burst all your traversals, there shouldn’t be a problem…


Yeah problem is if it happens S1 you cant even scare them off
They be round ya like a fly to a turd


turn around and send them some parting gifts are a good dance in the dome. that will ease the slows alot. id hit val. crows are pretty easy to dodge.


The way I see it, tranq and stasis is most effective vs kraken and behemoth. Wraith has warps and warp blast to close distances without walking, and goliath has leaps, leap smash, AND charge…

It just forces you to move more strategically in a fight. You can still move around, still fight hunters… Just use a different strategy.


Val, Abe and Sunny are much worse. You can break like of sight to stop Val, Crow and Cabot. And you can juke Gobi. You cant juke a tranq once darted. With Abe he does not need line of sight to stasis you like Crow. Just throw the grenade over the top of whatever is breaking the line of sight. Sunny can also help keep val in line of sight and Abe closer.


Did I mention they had a torvald on the team? Because those mortars were what was doing the bucthering. And I run a combat build, so that means I don’t have LS until stage 2. The real problem was I think Sunny was boosting crow at the start, and then crow was hanging there throwing Gobi until he got a ping. Because it literally did not matter where I was, Gobi found me. Getting pinged on Aviary was my own fault though. I did a sneak start and then hid behind a large rock/cliff to see which way they would go. I probably should have just booked it into one of the outdoor areas.


Its not unbeatable
More unbearably frustrating
Oh look I’m a snail again whoop
And separately there perfectly fine
But together … Isn’t fun
Like remember when ppl moaned about wraith
It’s a similar feeling
Still I ain’t about to quit
I’ll just cheese them all into my friend teddie the tyrant


Again… Just use traversals. TBH A tranq val while you have crow is a pretty wasted val to me. She could be doing MUCH more with her sniper while crow just spams his stasis gun.

Sure it can be annoying, but it is not unsurmountable, mobility still exists


So you’ve been fighting Val + Crow + Cabot? Solution.

Kill one.

Val requires a good team, otherwise they won’t be able to mitigate enough damage for her healing to save them. Very few teams possess this. So kill them! :slight_smile: