Val + Abe = Perma Stuck Wraith: No Possible Escape v1.3 [Video]


I’ve run into this combo before as a Wraith before the 1.3 patch, and while I was able to barely get away from it before – now I find it absolutely impossible – to the point where it’s actually rather funny. So I wanted to share this video and get everyone’s thoughts and opinions about this certain hunter combo? Personally I feel it sort of denies the Monster the ability to actually play the game, it’s a complete shut down.

I’m all for good combinations, but if they prevent a player from actually playing then we might have a problem here @MacMan.

( Granted I made a few mistakes in the video, but that’s not why I’m posting it. It’s one of the smallest maps in the game. I’ve seen this combo before and it’s pretty harsh on Med Lab and Fusion Plant most of all. )

This has been a known and popular build for a while, but now it’s just too punishing in 1.3

Watch the Video Here!

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Damn, I’m not sure if this is an EPIC strategy or a broken combination.

The only thing I can think of in order to get away in that situation is to slowly walk/climb away until all three or at least two of your traversal abilities recharged and use them all in order to get away fast enough.

Either way that sounds like an amazing/broken combination finally putting the Wraith in its grave one way or another.


Wait is this your video or someone else’s? Just wondering if it’s a “make fun of” or “offer constructive criticism” situation


Well it’s my video. xD I just uploaded it. You’re welcome to say what you like as I’m still trying to work on ways to present my Evolve videos on my channel.

If you want to comment about my Wraith playing, it was my first 1.3 Patch Game and I’m not used being slowed by 2 sources all the time, everything was a delay (almost laggy) reaction. Every animation was slowed down, even melee attacks.


You might not be usign decoy to its full potential, I left you a comment on your video.


Val already had 10 second darts on Wraith. How did an Abe find you so fast?


And yes I know Val always had 10 seconds on Wraith, but now I’m a bit worried that now it’s all 3 monsters. And it made sense to have it as 10 seconds before the speed nerf on Wraith. Now the 10 seconds feels like overkill.

Well that team was clearly immune to decoy regardless of how I was using in the video. After awhile I just started to focus on demonstrating how effective their combo was. Note it’s not the full game, just the end of it.


Val always had a 10 seconds tranq on Wraith.

Abe did not get changed.

And the Decoy is changed to behave more like hunter stealth.

So i fail to understand what this is complaining about. They do not know what type of monster you pick unless you shout it out over team speak or an equivalent type of communication so they can’t hard counter with Val + Abe all the time.

The Decoy was never meant to be used in combat to sneak away but a utility to trick hunter. Top that of with Burning, Tranq and tracking dart to keep you on there focus, it would be rather easy to find you.

So are you complaining that your decoy stealth is equal to that of hunters version or what?


You’re off topic. Absolutely no one here is complaining about Decoy. Comments made in the video are just pointing out that a 2 second burn pretty much nullifies cloak entirely.


So you are whining that taking damage reveals you. Hunters would like a word with you since release.


lol im pretty sure vals tranq gun is exactly the same against wraith. the changes only affects the other monsters


Consider this; it has a 10 second buff provided to Wraith because the Wraith was faster than it should be; however, now the Wraith is a much more manageable speed. The 10 seconds feels a bit too punishing; and I also play Kraken and Goliath.


The only problem I see on this video is getting caught/spotted at stage 1 which is normally death for any monster against a good hunter team. Abe always have been a pain in the ass with the 45sec darts and that could have been a bit nerfed imo but the combo is just one of the weakest actually…
If that would be Griffin though…


So Val should be 10 seconds against Goliath and Kraken but lower against Wraith? That make as much sense as it did the other way around. And that is why they changed it to be 10 seconds on everything.


alright fair enough


eh? this combo is mostly the same post 1.3. Sounds more like you ran into a good premade


You WERE fighting a pretty good team who stayed on your butt with perfect Val tranq’ing… We’ll have to see. I understand you were trying to get away faster, but it wasn’t working, and you weren’t sneaking at all. Decoy was always easy to notice, though it was harder to find the actual Wraith - these guys were on you the whole time and working in tandem. Since Warp Blast is slower and after using it you’re stuck in the animation, it might not be the best thing to try to use it as a 4th traversal so much. Wraiths might have to switch to (or switch back to, or continue) sneaking pretty much always.


Well I’ve always been a sneaky Wraith. Keep in the mind maps like Med Lab / Fusion Plant are very small and good teams will find you very quickly. I didn’t show the whole match; and this apparently seems worth repeating – I just showed the end of it.


Alright biggest thing: Val and Abe both rely on los. Breaking it = breaking them. Decoy. Use it. Save stamina till after you break los and then dash. Don’t bother slowing down/stealthing(snacks are fine) while you a have a tracking dart on you. Also despite this being a smallerish map, there’s no reason you have to run around the outside like that. It ends up being alot more predictable and easy to cut off.


Not really viable on maps like Mad Lab and Fusion Plant. The small map size and limited terrain makes it difficult to break LOS.