Val 3 star med gun challenge


I’m still super lost so it’s heals of 90 % not the full 100% ?


Sorry, the reason I stopped at 90 was because 60+40=100. During the first time Val Healed Markov, she healed him for 60 points, so she had 60/100 heals toward a point in the mastery. The next time she healed him he had taken 50 points of damage so he was at 50/100 health. As soon as Val heals Markov for 40 points of health she has 100/100 heals toward a point in the mastery even though Markov is only at 90/100 health. Does that make sense?


No the pronouns she and he got me very mixed up Now.


Oh wait is it like a total of 100 points over time Without them going down.


Yup that’s it exactly.


Basically restore 100% worth of health on a target without them getting incapped. The challenge seems terribly worded


Yeah I was really confused on the wording


Can it work on the same hunter multiple times? Like from the game healed markov 2 full times for 2 points?


I believe so, each time you do 100% worth of healing on the target it starts tracking again. Not 100% sure on this though.


Yes you can


Have you got your elite skin yet? if not has the ‘Hunters Quest App’ been any help. How much progress have you made


Yeaaah… maybe this needs to be re-explained in the progress thing.


Does this work while healing npc’s such as Daisy/Ebonstar ally/survivors/collonists? Or does it have to be a hunter?


Youve gotta heal a hunter for 100% of his health without him going down. Example, if Griffin is down to 25% health, and you heal him to full, then youve healed 75% of his max health. Later on he gets zapped by a Mammoth Bird and takes another 25% damage. Heal that up and youve got 25%+75%=100% of Griffin’s health.

If you heal Griffin 99% of his max health and he goes down, you lose all that progress.

I found this challenge came pretty naturally just keeping everyone topped off. It comes with time, really.


I’m trying to elite Val and this challenge makes no sense whatsoever.

Reading @MajorLeeHyper description makes it better. But in - game I was confused immediately.


Thx this topic will save me a lot of time :slight_smile: , was a bit confused about the challange


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Jesus that necro


Not only that necro, but also that needless re-explanation XD it was already explained thoroughly.


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