Val 3 star med gun challenge

So Im baffled on how to finish this one, it says to heal teammates 40 times before they are incapacitated.
Ive tried healing them when they are on a sliver of health, ive tried healing them when they are about to be dead. Anyone have any tips or ideas?

Maybe it just means heal a certain amount with medium before they go down the first time? It’s pure speculation, but that would be my guess.

I dunno cause ive healed teammates from like 5hp all they back up to full in one go and still havent gotten any credit for this one >.<

This was holding me back from my elite val, but I finally managed it. Could possibly have something to do with healing them from low hp when they are being attacked. I could not pinpoint what actually triggered it, because like you I was healing near incapped/dead people all the time.

Sorry I don’t have anything else to really offer on this subject :confounded:

I figured by “incapacitated” the challenge meant “when players are down”. Never seemed to work though. My best guess is that it requires you to heal players with low HP in the midst of battle. Example: when your Assault is battling a Goliath and getting knocked back, heal them long-range using the med gun.

Actually that helps, ive made a bit of progress on it now. I set up a custom game and have been watching like a hawk for teammates in combat and near death (in the red) then swooping in and bringing them back up into green…but it still seems to be hit and miss, like theres some mechanic im missing.

What it is referring to is preventing players from being incapacitated. So you have to heal >100% of their total health value. Basically, heal someone on your team a whole bunch without letting them get downed in the process. Keep mind, this is only the med gun’ healing burst heals don’t count towards this.


Ahh thanks for this info, makes sense and has been working out for me more so than my previous tactic.

This can be a bit confusing, so PLEASE, if there is anything about my description you do not understand don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

Basically, every time Val heals 100% worth of a Hunter’s health without that hunter becoming incapped will count as one point toward this mastery. If the hunter is incapped or killed at any point before 100% worth of health points have been healed, the progress toward that one point for that hunter is reset.

So for an in-game example, lets just say the hunters have exactly 100 points of health. Markov takes 60 points of damage, so now he is at 40/100 health points. Val heals Markov those 60 health points so he is back at 100/100. This does not count as a point toward the mastery. Then Markov takes 50 points of damage and is now at 50/100 points of health. Val heals Markov for 40 points so Markov is now at 90/100 health. This counts as one point toward the mastery, as 100 points of this hunter’s health have been healed without the hunter being killed.

This is tracked separately for each hunter in the game, so heals on one hunter do not count towards heals on another hunter. (Ex. Hunter A has 40/100 health and Hunter B has 60/100 health, healing both of them to 100/100 health will not give you a point toward the mastery, but as soon as you heal Hunter A another 40 points and Hunter B another 60 Points, you will have 2 points toward the mastery, one point per hunter)

If the hunter is incapped while you have for example 60/100 heals done for them, it resets to 0/100 heals done for them and you have to start over on progress toward that hunter.


@MajorLeeHyper Eh, how does it work with Hank’s 1st star?

Just shield the guy getting hit all the time i believe as its how much damage you absorb with the shield on someone.

The damage absorbed by the shield is tracked. Pretty much what @WellyUK said.

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only counts for medgun? or does heal burst count too?.. i tend to use heal burst a lot… i get that it’s a medgun mastery, but that’s still fairly inconvenient if i ‘can’t’ use heal burst while going for that challenge.

It’s the Medgun’s mastery so only heals from the Medgun count. You absolutely can also heal with a heal burst while working toward this mastery, it just wont impact the tracking for the mastery in anyway.

right, i get that… i know i’d be able too, just would feel like i was potentially forfeiting another point. oh well i guess. shrugs

You only forfeit the point if the hunter is incapped, so it’s actually a smarter move to also use the heal burst normally. It will just take slightly longer to get the point when using the heal burst, but in a combat situation that is essential.

Perhaps one other option is get the Evolve mobile game and link it to your Pc or Console account. I know they said you can get up to 50% of challenges done but I don’t think it can help you go above 50%, so the other 50% you have to get in the actual game.

For when I get my copy of the game I’m going to get mobile app just so I can get those challenges done easier
Someone posted about how the mobile app helped them get their 3-star Caira
here is link: Got elite Caira :D
They said it helped heaps

Yea Twisted’s explanation clarified what it was I needed to be doing, and now I have Val’s elite skin…Tho I have to be honest…Really disappointed its not actually a skin, just a weapon paint job, its pretty lame.

Do all the skins only apply to the weapons? If so that is a little disappointing… I’d love to see hunter skins come out more like the monster skins. doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but different clothes/paint jobs to choose from would be great. :slight_smile:

Far as I can tell all the hunters get only weapon skins…Which is a shame, cause like you said it doesnt have to be fancy just different colors or maybe camo would be cool.