Uuuh... Behemoth's skin


It is rock, right?
Like, proper rock?
Or is it extremely thick skin?
I’m asking because- reasons… Like, his skin bubbles when he dies right? Like the other monsters?
I gots to knooooooooow, like for real.


its pretty much an exoskeleton


Oh, wow.
Woah I never thought about that…



But like, that means his skin is actually bone?
And still, I never pay much attention in the heat of battle, does his skin bubble like the rest?


no it doesnt and yeah his skin is bone


Alright, thanks! This was extremely valuable information.


hes technically a super saiyan beetle godzilla offspring


This… was not such valuable information…
I’m almost sure you might be messing with me ;_;


Its chitin.
Behemoth is a crab


i just used my super saiyan powers to wreck some scrubs in 2 minutes 43 seconds stage one as the crab monster


no messing here buddy<3


Alright. I’ll take your word for it.


I thought it was bone… Or maybe scales


Its chitin…its essentialy bone so hard its considered rock. As for the bubbles i imagine he can soften his skin to evolve “properly”


He has a chitinous growth covering his body, the bubbles that expand during evolution are from tiny pores in his chitin and from areas between the plates.


All you guys are the real MVPS, THANK YOU<3


It’s a rock like chitin


U got crab from me or was it the evolve wiki, I can’t remember.