Utilizing xbox one achievement features along with no achievements with new dlc


Hey fellow evolve gamers! When was the last time that you bought a 40 dollar dlc or 25$ dlc, that is If you preordered and got behemoth free? Well i did preorder and i own almost all the skins as well. I bought this dlc and the first thing i did was go to check out the achievements. Man I was disapointed for two reasons.

  1. What game sells dlc for even $15 without giving out achievements? I am a achievement hunter and this disapointed me seriously.
  2. Xbox one supports a feature where they can add achievements at any time. They can be permanent or time sensitive. What Im saying for example is they can put a challenge that lasts 1 week to play 50 matches. If you do it, you get an achievement. If you dont then you miss the achievement and you cant ever get it again. For a good example of this model being used, look at sunset overdrive. Every week they have a new achievement for you to attempt.

Evolve please give us the new achievements for this dlc and start utilizing the time limited achievement features. These would go great with the recent trapper challenge and gold monster skin challenge


I too looked to see if there would be more achievements lol


I was also disappointed there were no new achievements with the DLC as I have done all the other ones they are quite easy


Good to say that benjamin johnson i agree with u


What kind of achievements could they have us work towards that they haven’t already done?


I wouldn’t mind more achievements, but god no please none of the timed achievement stuff. I just hate that kind of stuff.


I agree with more achievements, I disagree with timed achievements


Most new games have abandoned that crap already, games that did use it don’t add new ones anymore. Stupid feature is dying off.


1 example of one would be get all the new hunters elite or get a tier 1 win with all monsters.
How about a achievement for killing a full speed rolling behemoth?
Maybe one for winning as a monster because of aggressive wildlife and plants?
How about my favorite thing in the game, abduct a hunter with wraith whos dropping out of a dropship?
Play for 250 hours?
Kill a stage 3 full health and armor monster with double downcounters on all hunters!

Those are my ideas, please critique them


I sent a request about this information to one of the Devs a while ago. I’ll let you know when they respond :slight_smile:


Thanx for the support shown so far guys


Do keep me updated maddcow