Usual bugs


I was with some friends queueing to find a game, and sometimes only one entered the game and to others it said it was full.
Then we played as hunters finally, and apart of visual bugs on the ship, like barely visible hunters, sometimes we got random hunters, for example: I picked Crow and I got Abe, my friend picked Lennox and got Hyde. . .
Then we went in a game and I played as Spectre with the turtelrock skin, but even if I had chosen it, it appeared as normal spectre.
This game is evolving slowly to better, and I really hope this game ends up beeing a one with big comunity, but first the developers should try to fix this kind of problems, even if a floating head with no body is funny.


The fix for this bug is in QA!


Yes, there is also some shaders missing in the build the Dev’s launched with and that’s why some Hunters appear “messed up” in the Dropship. They know about it and are working on it!

The Hotfix already came in for the character selection bug

Was there anything else you’ve noticed?