Using Wraith Against Hank/Sunny and Val


I have recently switched to Goliath main because I can’t deal with sunny and Val with coordination as wraith. I’ll land warp blast supernova and abduct, the Hunter still has health, so I run cool down and do it again, when I’m about to finish one off I get hit with a harpoon or an assault steals my abduct. I obviously try to get strikes before they can get into position, but how do I if they do.


I’m no Wraith main, but that comp is pretty tough for any monster, not just Wraith.


I think, maybe instead of using Warp blast, Supernova and Abduct in that order, try out this:
Abduct --> Supernova --> Warp blast.

Try to find areas with LoS blocking terrain and do your best to abduct them behind it. It breaks shield connection and whatnot.

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Well it all depends on relation to me. I like to finish with abduct because it is hardest to dodge.


A Sunny/Val comp would be much harder to break through the defense to go for a strike, Getting Trapper or Medic out of LoS with Abduct from Sunny’s drone, she’ll be able to have the JPB ready to boost up and get back in position. Against Hank it’s more easier since they only have the shield, and it helps so you could tank, go through his shield, and can potentially make him waste the Orbital.
They’re both strong, but Hank is more easier than Sunny, having the JPB + SD, espeically the JP Booster, it can make a Monster to waste abilities when a hunter dodges out of the way, while hank only has the shield. Yes the orbital, but it’s likely to be dodged most of the time. IMO


I believe the general consensus is just go after Sunny or Hank first and power through Val’s healing beam. With shielding Val is a pain to get down because her self heal is so strong to begin with. You generally have a better chance at getting the Support down first. It’s all situational. I do not like starting out with WB you use abduct to pull a Hunter into a position that might allow you to get a quick strike on them.


This is where I come in. That would be an awesome idea if JPs werent such a hassle. the reason most people abduct last is cause by then they already boosted away as far as they could, and its even more frustrating with the JPB. Hopefully not anymore with the sunny nerf. I havnt really been able to play cause schools been a bit hectic. Even with a sunny, chances are, who ever is being boosted is gonna go straight up, thats when abduct comes in handy, deny them that abduct! sure they still have a bit of JP left, but thats nothing a supernova cant squeeze followed by a warpbast.

del009 is right though. That comp is probably one of the hardest if not the single hardest comps to defeat. I have trouble with this too, I main wraith, she is my single most used monster In the game. the trick is basically take sunny out. and to do this, you really need to commit. Wraith doesnt have any abilities that sets a cloaked hunter on fire or snared. so you really have to commit, smell and follow the footprints, become the whirlwind of scythes that is wraith and swing away, follow the blood, theyll panic and try to JP away. thats pretty much the only way to take this comp out. focus down the support. when people get focused on hard, theyll panic and when they do. you pretty much win the game. also, its always cool to stay away from the assault. if you need to, hit and run, sure sunny/hank will take advantage and cloak, heal up, but that gives you a 20? 24? second window to get them down.

Lately, Ive noticed wraith is still as strong as she used to, yeah the devs made her tankier, but that doesnt mean hit and run tactics arent necessary. plus the more you do it the more you can asses their play style and adapt to it.


If it’s a Hank that actually shields you have to stay on him. Then after you get off a combo he will cloak, but the thing is if Val tries to heal him it gives away his location so you just keep pounding him. When he’s down you corpse camp him and make Val waste her healing beam to raise him, then you pound him again and get the 2nd strike on him. Val will not have enough healing beam power to save him from going down again. If all goes well you can send him to the drop ship all in one fight you really need to be Stage 2 before you fight this Hunter combo though.