Using tools to slow Behemoth


Cabot : Our target is a Behemoth. Heavily armored with slabs of apparently stone with high health pools.

Sky_Kid : A question before we start hunting.

Sky_Kid : Behemoth is covered in thick slabs of stone how do we tranq or poon his stone armor?

Sky_Kid : Ideas?

Cabot : …

Hyde : Burn em to death!!!

Sky_Kid : :smirk:


He said it was apparently stone.

Semantics ftw!

Edit: rock, not stone.


…semantics FTW…


Chinks in the armor :smiley:


The reason why I ask this is cause of Val’s Tranqs.

Can a vile of tranq with needle top pierce stone?


Ah, but we don’t know the exact details on all of their technology. That “dart” could be completely different than what we know of as darts. We also know these plates bubble when the behemoth goes to evolve, but they don’t actually melt, so it can’t be stone. Maybe some sort of exoskeleton type structure?


I thought it was a rock-like keratin, not actual rock?


With Hyde you mean to say “Fucking burn them to fucking death!”


Harpoons are obviously some futurology laser technology. So… magic.


I think it’s some kind of supremely dense exoskeleton/chitin. Or perhaps keratin, like a rhinoceros’s horn.

Or maybe it’s something else entirely.


It may even be an outer layer of very well disguised shrimp…


depends on the needle and the force that its shot at i guess. or what if the tranq is delivered via a bullet that when shot begins to spin at 5trillion rpm or something and simply burrows in and delivers its load.

@Key Have you seen those harpoon cables they clearly are lazor beams and hell they must do some kind of space magic as well they let poor ol grif whos like what 200lbs at the most the ability to neuter the movement of a 2story high monster which we can only assume weighs around 1000tonnes or something.


I think it’s actually just literally rock that somehow an organism grew on to, I say this because of the way the tendons seem to be just barely holding it together and keeping it on like a covering more like a shield than an actual part of the behemoth itself.