Using Markov


Anyone else love playing with Markov? Personally he’s my favourite assault class. The arc mines are so deadly when placed correctly and the lightning gun is so reliable for doing some decent damage.


He’s a very safe pick. But that’s the reason his damage isn’t the highest. Throw some mines, use a 30 degree auto lock on lightning gun for some easy go to damage. He’s not bad but I like my assault to be all about the damage. I want crits, I want headshots. I personally pick parnell. If you ignore parnell you die. Plain and simple. You can ignore markov pretty easily. If you just run away from him you negate his mines which is half his damage. If you run from parnell you get a doublebarrel shotty so far up your arse it comes out of the Wraiths mouth.


I have Mastery on Markov and buddy. Markov is fucking brilliant. Those mines let you setup safe areas for your high value teammates to hide in (Trapper/Medic) while you just go to town on that effing monster like nobodys business!

However I personally love Hyde. That Flamethrower with Cabots amp is one of the most intimidating things for Monsters to face. There is no reloading there is no ignoring, you can only run and hope to god you get out of range (You wont if that Trapper does his damn job properly).

Also the fact that Hyde can deny the monster any safety areas to sit his ass in with those Toxic Grenades more then seals the deal for me. I love Hyde. I love Hydes character. I love hydes arsenal. I even love Hydes discussions with other characters in the ship.

Only wish those Toxic Grenades were a bit better though…


Yeah i’ll agree with that, Parnell is obviously the best assault for a few reasons but the amount of times I’ve won because of the combination of arc mines and lightning gun is ridiculous.


I like Markov, but as someone said up a post I freaking love playing Hyde love that flamethrower.


Markow is the best class because he has mines. thats it.