User controlled monster in coop mode


The coop mode is described as 2-4 player controlled hunters against ai controlled monster, yet many times in the game mode there is a player controlled monster, or it forces a player to control the monster. Please fix this as I prefer playing cooperatively, not competitively.


Try hosting a custom game with your friends, you will always get to pick your role, otherwise there will always be a human monster player in skirmish mode. Also you can play the evacuation mode in co op mode, which does not allow a human monster player. This is an intended feature, but it still leaves you with options😉


I’m talking about the evacuation mode in coop, I’ve gone in multiple times and there has been a player controlled monster, and once the only option it allowed me was to be the monster in evacuation coop.


That is truly strange, this could be a bug… Still though, if you have friends online or whatever, a custom game is your best bet.