Useless Hunter Abilities



Firstly i want to say that i really like the new Evolve, the progression system is better, the perks are much more interesting and it’s much more enjoyable than ever. There are a few stuff that should be changed though since every Hunter can use the dome (mobile arena) and the Trapper has a Planet Scan ability instead of the dome now. I know Monster players wont agree with my suggestion because they will find them unfair but right now some Trappers have useless abilities. For example Abe’s Tracking Dart Pistol could be used to insert poison inside wildlife (without harming them), poisoning only the monster if it eats them or directly poison the monster if hit.


You might want to elaborate more. As for Abe, it’s so you can accurately track the monster. The planet scan just gives a general direction of the monster.


cabots dust tag seems stupidly pointless right now, so i kinda agree


Well, i don’t want to suggest stuff that are unfair for the Monster players. It’s up to the developers but there are a few Hunter that need more useful abilities.


Well IMO the trapper abilities all still have their uses. Maggie obviously has a very useful Daisy for heading straight to the monster, Griffins sound spikes help to stop sneaking back/jukes as well as to keep hunters aware of any attempt by the monster to get to good evolve spots or buffs. Abes dart will never not be useful, planet scanner gives you a hint of what’s going on, Abe keeping the monster darted means you never stop knowing where it’s at.

Then you move on to the DLC hunters, Crow has Gobi which is perfect to use after a planet scanner and then keep tabs on the monster better, and Jack has the satellite scanner which is somewhere between Griffin’s ability to stop jukes, and Crow in that you can use his SS to fill the gap between planet scanners to keep working out where the monster is.

I honestly don’t think that any of the hunters tracking methods need any improvement, though out of all of them I’d say Jack is the one that may end up getting some.


What? Why do you consider it useless? it lasts 35 seconds (unless they changed it again) and constantly updates to give you the location of the monster so you can cut if off know if it’s sneaking etc.

The planet scanner lasts a few seconds and has a 30(?) second cd. I really don’t see how a highlight + compass direction that is only up 10% of the time is better than a marker that tells you the distance and location and can be kept up constantly if you cut them off get lines of sight and use the planet scanner intelligently.


Because the Monster can’t really stealth like it could before. With the planet scan its really easy to track it. I don’t think we need more abilities to track it than 1.


Did he just call Abe useless?

As someone who mains Abe I find that ridiculous and funny, and believe me when I say monsters who played against me will strongly disagree with you.

The current set of Abilities on Abe is fine, specially the track pistol.


It’s easier to track a monster but that doesn’t render abes dart gun useless. Planet scanner magnifies the usefulness of the dart gun and I think that monster mains would benefit from taking away the other tracking methods that trappers have.


HOLY CANOLI!!! If Renegade Abe is the “Atomic Warrior” that poison tracking dart ability may be added!