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An index would help so much. I think there should be a stickied "Starters Guide to the Evolve Forums" right at the top of the forum for all to see. It would cut down on new posts drastically when the game is released.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful though! I think this'll definitely help new members too since there isn't one.


Old, but VERY active even to this day ;D


Very helpful thread! I wanted to make a "Things you should watch to understand what Evolve is about and who are the people behind it(and why you're a bad person if you talk crap about them) topic, but I think it fits yours better.

History of TRS:

Evolution of Evolve series:







Thanks, I added all the links in smile


Phfew,I thought I was dumb and didn't spot them before I posted!


Mod needs to pin this.


I call upon the power of #moderators !!



This is a cool list! Thanks for making it. It should prove quite useful!


The 'Development of Evolve' thread by Macman is awesome and worth linking, too;

and, just in case people want to jump to specific parts (these don't have to be linked at the top);

Design Doc
Getting Signed
Milestone Two
Milestone Three
Milestone Four
Milestone Five
Milestone Six
Matt Joins the Team
Milestone Seven
Milestone Eight
Milestone Nine
Milestone Ten


Does everyone on the forums get a notification when threads get pinned?


I think you should maybe categorize these with headings like "Gameplay", "Forum", "History of Evolve" Etc so people will be able to get to exactly what they want easily smile


Actually, this needs to become a hub.

Sad thing is, though, that people don't usually read stuff like this.


Could you add also this:


I added it! Thanks wink


@SledgePainter hey! I noticed your new forum links for new users! Extremely helpful. Should a Moderator close this since there Is a superior list laughing

EDIT: Suddenly went back to check on your post and found it muted and un-listed. Strange, it was an awesome link list


I don't think it's been 'officially' announced yet and it's still hidden from everyone right now stuck_out_tongue if they need to though, they'll tell you about it.


Nice! Thanks for the list.


Your thread actually served a bit as inspiration for the Hub. In fact, going over your list reminds me to add a couple things! The hub is currently invisible but will be opened soon.


Ahhh, awesome! smile i'm sure it will help direct the new people joining the forums. There are bound to be more after release wink