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Welcome to the Evolve Forums! For your browsing ease we've compiled a hub which lists the most helpful and popular topics below. We hope you enjoy your stay and we look forward to your questions, comments, and monsterly input! Remember to use the search function to see if your question has already been answered, or check in the Hub.

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Find Other Evolve Players Here 2.0
The Development of Evolve
Evacuation Bonus Minion Messing with Nest
ps4 can't find a game
Evolve Stage 2 Official Livestream :monster: - 08/25 12PM PST
How about this type of gameplay?
XB1 Character leaderboard not updating for me
Is Kala a good support?
Personal Ideas for Evolve Monsters - Descriptions
New Forumer!
Is Hunt Mode in your opinion a fair fight?
Community created Monster Skins [Megathread]
TRS can we please
Hunter Groups - Xbox One
The SiTH Evolve PC Tournament #2, 12th March 7pm GMT (Prizes from 2K/TRS!)
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PS4 Bug Reporting
XBox One Access Issues
The Hub is Live!
Unofficial BUG Report Thread. Report your bugs here!
Skills from stage 1 got deleted after evolving to stage 2
Rescue glitch
Evolve Hunter Quest Mastery ?!? not working?
Post your ideas for new Monsters/Hunter Classes
[SOLVED] Game looks the same (bad) no matter what settings I use
Griffin Harpoon won't fire after picking up fallen allies
No abilities bug
There's a spot on a Defend map where you can get stuck defending the final generator
Audio crackle, shading bug, and lost all wins
Progress reset...but not level...?
Dropship bug
Swimming bug
Lost Progress Bug
Cannot Play PvP Evacuation
Xbox one bugs and glitches
Looking for Other Players? Check here first!
LFM hunters!
The unofficial tips/strategy thread
Evolve: Hunter and Monster Elite Mastery Guide
Social Platform For Players
I'm new here! How do I forum? >u>
I'm new here! How do I forum? >u>
Fully Fledged Hunter Ideas!
Looking for teammates [PS4] PSN ID: AmandAvicii