Used Arena while outside


So. I was playing Abe on the overpowered map and was having some really bad lag. I still managed to throw down a dome though. HOWEVER. Me and my entire team were still outside the dome! Luckily our medic managed to get inside before it went down, but I was very confused for a few seconds. Here is a screenshot: I think that there was a delay between me deploying the dome and it actually triggering thus causing this problem.


Wait for 4-5 mins left.

Dome monster inside while everyone is outside


Wait,could you theoretically do that with kalas teleport?


Happens when you drop that dome when the monster is barely escaping out of dome range. Most likely u drop the dome at the last second and the monster was traversing or using traversal skills, like wb, ls, charge, etc.


If no one is inside the dome or there’s only incap person in the dome, it will be deactivated


LIke @Kitt said you have a small chance of this happening if the monster is moving away and you drop it at the every last second you will get out of the dome. And @dnc you can do this with Kala but if no one is in the dome it will come down.


Ill be honest here.Im a little disappointed :confused:…but thanks for the info


Disappointed that they didn’t leave a game breaking exploit in the game.