Use a mic!




They should create a lobby system that lets players join if they have mics, etc.


You need to understand that people have their own reasons for not using a mic. They might be uncomfortable with their voice, they might not even be able to talk.


I don’t use the mic for a reason: I don’t have one.


yeah i mean i can understand not wanting to use the mic when it’s like 3am, but i think you should either play solo or play another game. Taking down a good monster player is hard enough with a team that communicates. haha


if not using a mic then at least use a waypoint or STAY WITH THE TEAM!


Mics don’t magically make people better, knowing their class and knowing the capabilities of the characters around them is what makes a good team.

For example: I use Cabot, Random micless guy is using Parnell.
I see him pop SS, I swap to Damage Amp, deal major damage.
No communication needed.
I know what Parnell is all about.

I’ve had teams that played way better together without mics than people with mics, especially since half the time all I would here is their shite music and chip chewing -.-


how do you not have a mic when BOTH next gen consoles CAME WITH ONE! people can buy a $60 game but not a $20 mic to play the game?


Way to go man. I’m sure that will help you win your games.


yeah but finding people on EVOLVE that play their role and know other roles good enough to be mic less is a lot less likely.


That’s an entirely separate discussion. Poor teamwork has nothing to do with having a mic or not.


Not everyone is fortunate enough to splash money on games and equipment.

Think about this from another person’s perspective or situation.


Find a couple of guys on the forums to party up with, me and @rcsrex had a blast last night, his Maggie game is awesome ^.^


I usually play with a group of friends 4 or 5 parties and it’s funny because we know how each other play…we don’t even need to speak throughout the match besides saying nice job or something…weird


yeah but at least with a mic, you can kinda direct a player that is newer or doesn’t quite know the roles as well. Some people just need a little guidance. But nobody can say that communication wouldn’t help win more games.


dude the system COMES WITH A MIC! haha


that’s a good idea.


yeah i’m working on building a group for sure.


Sure I can. There are people with mics who only use them to troll with music or berate their team. Having a mic doesn’t mean people will always play better.

I agree that it’s nice when your team can converse, but it’s not the end of the world if they can’t.


Sorry, I’m a PC user who used the last of their money on the season pass.