[US / Europe / Asia] Regroup all ranking systems into one


Hi everyone,

I recently learned that there are separate rankings systems for US, Europe and Asia (maybe even more?).
Why is that?

I’d love to be able to compete with all gamers, not just a part of them.
Maybe there are some technical limitations I’m not aware of, please enlighten me.

Thanks for your answers and have a Monsterous Day :slight_smile:


Ping. As an Australian i hate playing with NA’s because my ping is over 350 compared to about 40 normally. It makes games unplayable online. If that could be fixed it would be great but im yet to see a game where it is fix. I dont think there is a fix too


Oh, you mean Evolve doesn’t use dedicated servers, only local servers hosted by one of the players?
Or are the dedicated servers selected to be in the vicinity of all the players of a game?


I dont know but thats what i assume the issue is even if it is dedicated. Im no tech man


There are Asian servers ? Im guessing , probably at hong kong or singapore ?
I think i will stick to EU servers since i get like 150ms MAX on a bad day !


If its dedicated servers, then YES there will be ping issues. No matter what high speed connection you have, you will always face some sort of ping issues, ranging from latency to packet lose. I think there are seperate dedicated servers for US(2) EU(1) and Asia / AUS region (1)

I am pretty sure there will be dedicated servers since, we are paying 60$s for this game and more for DLC.


Ok, thanks for your answers.

I understand better why they made the choice to split the ranking systems.
Wouldn’t really make sense to compete against people you’ll never actually fight against.

Still removes a part of the accomplishment to be #1:
Maybe you’re in fact #500 worldwide, you just don’t know it.


If a competitive scene kicks off I think regional rankings are better
(even though in competition in game rank doesn’t mean everything), because with regional ranking you could see who is the best where, then put them against each other to see who is the best at a LAN or something.


There will be something like YOU ARE #XXX , but you will never be able to play with/against those people outside of your region .(maybe you will but you will be seriously like " person with disabilities" [ i forgot the exact word D: ]