URGENT: what style of tattoo should I get?

Legit getting my first tattoo which is going to be a Goliath footprint aka the cover of the game, and idk which style to get.

image https://img.forfansbyfans.com/img/cache/cnt/97/37855_second.jpg-500x500.jpg


So it’s going to be all black, no color/shading. Which version should I do? I’m getting it done a few hours from now:

  • A, aka detailed toes.
  • B, the simple one, aka the OG monster icon.

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Also it’s going on my upper back between my shoulder blades.

B look more like an icon

Ummm, it’s totally up to you. But this seems a bit rushed. Is there a reason for the quickness?


My best friend was getting his sleeve session done and the client after him canceled, so I had a window of opportunity.

Not rushed at all, as I’ve wanted it for years now.

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