Urgent question


are the new hunters monsters out today?


Not on Xbox One, there’s an issue at the moment.


of course ONLY DA BEST any ETA on a fix?


Nope, right now it’s probably best just to wait till tomorrow.


wow fuckkkk


They are not available for purchase yet, this is not an issue, it’s as intended.


nope its liked its just being looked over, I really want some form of acknowledgement on the issue


so if i have them pre ordered i cant play them as in i have already bought them?


Actually, I’m referring to how they aren’t unlocked for early purchasers like PS4 and PC, I bought the digital deluxe edition before release and still don’t have them at the moment.


But I prepurchased digital deluxe, and when I see the T$'s in-game, I try to use them I get told to visit the store despite have preordered and having the season pass, as for all Xbone users @DamJess



repeat of the beta ty TRS


Does it really matter? Xbox One users get the maps one MONTH before the rest of the users. What’s one DAY for the Hunters and Monster? Be patient and wait for the official launch tomorrow. If they are still locked tomorrow, then let the griping begin.


But I can see the hunters and behemoth staring at me, but I’m unable to play them… this is torture


Eh, we kind of deserve to gripe, not really because of how we don’t get it early, but because this was apparently meant as a thank you to people for pre-ordering the game, but Xbox users don’t get this “reward”. I’m fine waiting for tomorrow, it’s just kinda lame that this happened.


Only offline it’s brutal


Lame? Maybe. Deserving of outrage from a large portion of the community? Not so much.

I will say the lack of any official word is slightly disheartening, but I can wait until tomorrow for the DLC.


Well…the thing is that Microsoft paid for the early release. But we, as customers, paid for the content ahead of time, just like you.

I can’t control the map deal from Microsoft, but you’re saying that I shouldn’t get the same benefit as prepurchasing that you did. That’s like paying for a dinner at a restaurant, but I have to come back tomorrow to eat it.


Not trying to justify outrage, but I think it’s certainly justified to be a little disheartened by these events.


But for people who pre ordered the digital deluxe edition why don’t we have them on xbox but ps4 and pc both have new hunters and monster. I’m not required to buy them since I have the season pass, so why don’t I have early access like the rest of the consoles when it clearly states that the new dlc is available on ALL PLATFORMS


We pre-purchased something that is supposed to launch on March 31, 2015 officially. Today is March 30, and the users who have the content have it because the powers at be decided to release it early. If it was intentional to leave out Xbox or not, who really knows. Technically they have one more day to deliver on your purchase.

Instead of a restaurant, look at it more as a shipment. They give you an estimated delivery date. Sometimes it comes before, sometimes it comes after. Usually it comes on the day it says. Regardless, you had to pay for the item before it even shipped.