URGENT! bots not using healing burst


bots are sometimes neglecting to cast healing burst to heal themselves sometimes when i switch and cast it once it will trigger them to heal to full but one there full health it seems and they take damage they wont cast it anymore


I noticed this as well. I have to do the same thing. Heal them myself and then they begin healing themselves.


Same. Lazarus & Slim both won’t use Heal Burst at all unless someone else is damaged, even if they’re about to die. You have to hot swap to them to get them to use it (but as soon as you do that your main character will use any ability off cooldown for no reason).


Caira always uses Speed Boost as soon as I hot swap out. -___-


It’s not just healing burst, but supports cloak as well. Bot supports only seem to use it once they go down.


If you go down, Val’s MedGun won’t work on you, if she’s an A.I. (sucks when the player goes AFK and you scream at them to heal you.) But she will still try her hardest to point it at you and watch as it does nothing.


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Just so you guys know. A.I. Medics no longer use Heal Burst.

This is a problem when a player joins and they are idle.


Bots are being a pain in the ass lately, aren’t they? I keep seeing so many threads about them.