Upset About Decoy Change


I understand wraith is struggle bus vs Hank or sunny and a Val. However, instead of reworking decoy they just need to buff warp blast or something. Decoy is probably the best utility move in the game outside of rock wall. Meaning low damage moves. It distracts hunters and makes you invisible. People get mad because wraith is low damage but how will reworking fix AI problems or FT3. Wraith will still be able to mitigate effectively. Instead, they are removing the ability to set up shots and more easily kill large wildlife. I love turtle rock but why this change?


are you sure about that all it takes Is waggie, rv or hyde to ruin decoy it usually just ends up staring at the hunters and why buff warp blast it dosent need it.


The invisibility it fun and all against newer Hunter’s, but the Decoy blinks and it’s easy to find an invisible Wraith. I imagine new Decoy will be loads of fun, and just as tricky. Imagine the Hunter’s are chasing you, you tuck behind a cliff, pop Decoy and BOOM, Hunter’s have two Wraith’s running at them.



It’s not just about how well she fights against certain hunters. TU9 is supposed to be removing a lot of toxicity from matches to make them overall more fun. This goes for both sides - both monsters and hunters. One of the toxic playstyles that has ruined a lot of matches for many people was the way Decoy was used by many Wraiths to avoid any combat whatsoever. Not to mention, at higher levels, Decoy can arguably be outright useless against a good team of hunters.

The new Decoy will allow Wraith to cause confusion and chaos on the battlefield, alongside a better AI that will likely be better at dishing out damage. I know there’s quite a few people disappointed about the removal of her invisibility, but in the long run, this change might be better for the game.

You always have the Wraith adaptation to look forward to, as well. :slight_smile:

Side note: invisibility might be removed from Support in the future and replaced with a new class ability, as it can be unfun for monsters to deal with it similar to how Decoy is for hunters.


Because Decoy in its current state is borderline useless for Wraith, and about the most boring ability to play against as the hunters. That’s the simplest way to put it.

And, as I’ve been saying for months at this point, there are some elements of this game that, quite simply, won’t ever be fixed by simply buffing or nerfing raw stats, Decoy is one of the clearest examples of this. Sure, they could just buff Warp Blast, or something, but that’s not going to fix any of the problems with Decoy. They would basically be leaving a useless ability useless whilst making another too powerful. Since, let’s face it, given that buffing Warp Blast (and example that you put forward, yourself) wouldn’t fix Decoy what would the solution be then? Buff Warp Blast again?

Presumably, they’re working on the AI along with the rework, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that until TU9.0 drops.

Fact of the matter is this, yes, Decoy could still be used as a means of distraction. But removing invisibility actually gives it far greater potential utility. Attacking no longer ends the effect, traversals no longer ends the effect, other abilities no longer end the effect. Think of just how much more you can get out of it with that kind of freedom.


As others have said, Decoy is just a bad ability - for both sides.

Hunters who can’t deal with it get absolutely destroyed by Decoy - it becomes a boring chase-fest where the hunters just wanna fast forward to S3 and fight, because chasing is entirely futile. It’s incredibly frustrating and offers no real satisfaction for either side.

Hunters who can deal with render the ability entirely worthless. It’s at best a little bit of damage and at worse actively a detriment, since you’re forced to move slowly and get shot in the face. You could say, “That’s fine, don’t take it against good players, then,” but the goal is for every ability to be viable at the upper tiers of play - right now, decoy isn’t.


I couldnt agree more…

Decoy in its current state is so stupid. Pop the thing, slither away, and never show up again (Arena is a little different, as Wraith has nowhere to hide, so most Wraiths run away). Its frustrating for hunters, and its A.I. is bad. Im sure (sure=99.9%) TRS will also fix A.I. for Decoy come TU9.


What I’m more concerned about is how they change entirely how the skill works, and that by now not a lot remains from the original concept of what the Wraith was about at release.


I agree that the wraith being changed so much from its original vision is a bit troubling - because while its skills have been altered away from stealth and skills adjusted to try and reduce its burst damage, it has retained the smaller armor and health pool that means it is meant to be a burst-damage stealth assassin. Not every monster can or should be a brawler variation with close-range skills, but they do seem to tend that way.

Personally, my favorite use of decoy was to disorient hunters and invisibly grab extra armor during a dome; those few seconds of invisibility when properly used would keep the hunters guessing on location while I quietly grabbed a few armor bars.

If they end up axing support cloaks to match the change, I would not fully disagree with that - not all monsters have equal or effective cloak detection. The question is what ‘support’ skill would replace it; a ‘shield pulse’ that gives everyone nearby a short-lived shield? A brief ‘reaction field’ that if a hunter is hit while it’s active causes some defensive effect to trigger? A personal jetpack buff so the support can be more agile? It’s hard to imagine an effect that would not unbalance combat.


Only thing I have a problem with, is that it seems that there gonna stick with the name decoy after the new change.

They should rename the move double team, then I’ll will be truly happy. It looks way more fun then cloaking and not being able to attack mean while Hyde caira and wasteland Maggie are torching you up.


The irony is that removing the invisibility part of the ability will probably lead to it being a more viable mitigation tactic. You can now move full speed, warp and use abilities while it chases people which means you get to be at 100% while it also does it’s but to keep the hunters off balance, which I still think is one of the best ways to reduce the damage you take. A fleeing Hunter does very little damage / healing.


Oh look, another one of these threads.


No worries, you can still midigate damage with future decoy. It will be smarter. Pop it, and then warp away and let the “decoy” do the work, or why not pop it then go a bit higher and abduct someone while the other one is damaging another hunter. This will be great, I can feel it in me, 100000 times more fun to being able to move WHILE the copy is still alive AND doing damage while you do damage aswell or run, your choice :wink:


Decoy is pretty much useless to do damage . Decoy is easily avoidable against certain combs in high / med levels

Decoy after so many nerfs is used to RE position / Juke hunters / mitigation / make hunters busy / ambush etc. More than 1 point is a waste

In 9.0 decoy will not make wraith invisible . But

It will not go away and wraith has more alternatives / compo / strategy . More likely there is a decoy buff

You can use decoy to make hunters busy … while you are traversing without losing decoy . This is a good thing



I don’t think either that they should change the support invisibility skill…It’s a delicate balance and frankly this is not the point to shake up things that much now that they’re not working so much on the game.


The whole point of Decoy is to use it to flee from battle or to begin one and reposition yourself for a sneak attack/pounce. Decoy is a big help to me because I use it effectively and don’t spam. I for one think it would be best if this new Decoy ability were just added to the Wraith adaptation in the future.


Decoy has lost a lot of its original point, particularly due to players abusing it to lengths that made the match drawn out and unfun, which lead to various changes. Decoy is still fun and/or useful for some Wraith players, but most of the time, it’s either one of two extremes: too effective or not effective at all.

Less experienced players can barely - if at all - keep track of Wraith in Decoy and it leads to them never catching her or never being able to read when an attack is coming and dying pretty quickly. Unfun for them.

More experienced players follow Decoy so well, it becomes a wasted ability point. Between predicting the Wraith’s path, to DOT hunters in every class negating the invisibility, to all the audio cues you can hear from an invisible Wraith (smell, climb, or the decloaking sound), it’s unfun for the Wraith player to take Decoy and unfair they can’t effectively use an entire ability.

I know a lot of Wraith players have said the new Decoy rework should’ve been saved for the adaptation, but one goal of TU9 is to make every skill viable for every monster. In its current state, Decoy won’t achieve that. Given enough time, perhaps TRS can re-introduce the invisibility on the Wraith adaptation at a far more fair, balanced level.

I believe I heard someone say the other day that Decoy’s current state doesn’t flow well with her other abilities in combat. Considering the extremes it tends to lean towards (really good or really bad), I think that holds some merit.


I think it could be better if TRS went back a little and let the Wraith be able to Warp while cloaked as well as not become visible when shot in exchange for some movement speed. This way it’ll give inexperienced players a chance to catch up with her and it’ll give Wraith players a better chance of repositioning and escaping extreme damage for more advanced players.


Dear lord please no. Did you ever play when the wraith could do this? Or just hear about it?

This gives the wraith an EASY nearly 100 meter bubble of mobility she can damn near instantly move around through, while cloaked- With time to spare. This would put us RIGHT back into square one. Pop decoy, blink blink blink across the dome, while invisible, and hide behind a rock, using the rest of the the invisibility time to get further as/if needed. Often meaning that by the time the hunters find her- Decoy will a, be off cool down, or b, DAMN near just off cooldown- Which allows her to do it all over again.

This was the worst thing ever. Players thought it was hard to get in damage on her in domes at launch? It was HARDER in beta when she could do this. Yes you could listen for the sound of the decloak, but IF that happened while say, a mortar was going off, or hank was shielding someone, or heaven forbid a hunter changed weapons- “SCREW SHIELDS IM GETTING OUT MUH LAZORZ!!!” “HEALInG BURST READY!”, or someone is being pummeled by the decoy, its a subtle quiet sound thats very VERY easy to miss.

Decoy needs to be reworked so the wraith can reposition within the CONTEXT of battle. Not be reworked to give her a “One two buckle my shoe EF YOU GUYS IM OUT” easy juke button.