Upgrading to the PC Monster Race Edition


So here’s the deal: I have been absolutely positively super PUMPED for Evolve when I first heard about it months ago. I have been following every live stream, watching as much footage as I can, and even building monster statues in my closet to pray to like our puny human gods.

All that being said, I am really frustrated right now! I just found out about the new editions you can pre-order (like the rest of you) and they have an exclusive version of Evolve for PC that I really want. The problem: I already pre-purchased it via Steam and have no way to get the Monster Race edition without buying the whole game again =[

I am a poor college student, and $100 really breaks a bank for me, but I HAVE to have this game and I want that version.

Is there any way for me to return the pre-purchase from Steam and get the PC Monster Race edition or simply upgrade directly to it? Please say there is! (and I would prefer a Turtle Rock Admin or someone from Turtle Rock to answer my question)

A worried fan.