Upgrading to Play? You Pulled me Back in Turtle Rock!


Hello there, new member here. I’m an almost 34 year old gamer girl that’s been a long time away from serious co-op gameplay. When Left 4 Dead was officially announced, as soon as I got the system specs for PC I built an entire rig primarily for Left 4 Dead play. As I’m sure many here can relate, (and sorry for this little lengthy love letter!) I spent many a night playing not just the campaigns but the Zombies VS Survivors mode…over and over and over again. When the work day was over I’d look forward to a night of crazy expectation. You just didn’t know what to expect! It was the highlight of my night. Each match was unique, and even fun if you lost! I recall one such match fondly that ended in (it must have been a minute or less!) failure as soon as the safe room door was opened carelessly. Boomered at onset, then rushed with a pile of corpses, a crafty Smoker pull, and a Hunter for the takedown. Shock and dismay, a glint of anger, then total laughter! I was so in love with the game, but I just didn’t have many friends to play with (since my hubby is not really a gamer, PC or otherwise, and dislikes first person shooters the most). Being a female, I found it very hard to game with friends in real life so had to turn mostly to random match-ups on PC, though gathered some friends on-line along the way of course. In the beginning though, even random players stuck through those long matches and did their best to form strategies and win. You LEARNED the map as both teams, and knew where to hide and where to shoot. It made it even better to play…but with those who likewise were willing to stick it out whether they were winning or losing…unlike the later Left 4 Dead sequel, where the sudden game dropping, rage-quitting, and lack of “serious” players spoiled the fun so much I dropped out of gaming for a very long while. By “serious” I don’t necessarily mean die-hards and competition level play…just games that folks play through to the end, and decently trying to win. One of my last co-ops on-line the game ended while being within the first chapter, when two team mates decided to start shooting each other dead for fun instead of the zombies. When once I got Smokered, the rest of the team completely ran off in a panic and forgot about me until it was too late, and I actually died by Smoker pull! I didn’t know that was even possible! For me, it was as if L4D2 killed L4D1.

Now I know this has more to do with the gamers and the random matching, so I digress. Needless to say I am also eagerly looking into what the devs are planning on doing about poor quality gamers/match-ups down the line. I am sure that the first many months if not year we’ll see decent gamers playing. It was anyway, with L4D, until folks got too comfy with it.

Fast forward many years and here comes Evolve. I started to feel that spark again. I KNOW this is one of those rare games like Left 4 Dead was. Something NEW every match, and YOU can be the BEAST. There’s just something to be said for a game that changes every time you play, and not just in the random placement of “things” on a map. Real people…real minds…different choices and selections of avatars…and an actual thinking enemy. I think it will be just as much fun to play as the Hunters as well as the Hunted. I can’t even say I’d DISlike playing any of the Hunters. Bravo Turtle Rock for stepping up with a new title and new system dynamic! I’ve watched all of the E3 matches (except of course for the final trophy win…which I do hope gets underway soon if it hasn’t already-someone link me if it has!). I’ve looked into everything I can get my hands on about this game and it’s been a VERY LONG time since anything has captured my interest again. I do feel a bit off-put about the Beta being XBox only…but I understand politics. But I am still a bit put out by the lack of Steam pre-order and those wiley PC system specs. I did find some tentative specs over on Game Debate although those are projected specs. As suggested here on the forum I am also comparing a new system set-up against Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4. I don’t have the wallet I used to back in the L4D days though, as I now have a family, so hope I can get by playing with recommended settings well. This I will not know really, until the release of the official specs so I do hope you don’t wait too long to post these!

Here is where I run into some trouble, friends. I fell a long way outside of gaming and the technical know-how I used to have, and everything I research is new to me now and I don’t completely understand it all. My current system houses an Nvidia GTX+ 9800 SLI. I was thinking to buy another one or 2 of those to SLI but it appears this card is vastly inferior to what’s out there now so that’s not a viable option. When my first gaming rig was built it was a beast and that card was the sweetness. All I can really throw at the rig money-wise is a new, cheaper, graphics card and some ram, which is currently at 6 gigs…I’d like to have a minimum of 8 but would like at least 12. I got a good deal on an EVGA Geforce GTX 750ti Superclocked I am looking to install…might need to upgrade my power supply to run it but again, my pocketbook is thinner than it used to be. I think it’s an OK card…not the best I know…but my aim is just to play WELL here. I guess my question is…how reliable is the current specs as listed on the Game Debate website for Evolve? If so, with those new additions to my old beast machine, I should be able to run Evolve under recommended settings. Also, suddenly now it seems I have to pay to benchmark and get frame rate tests everywhere I look which irks me a tad. All that used to be free back in my 20’s! Is there anywhere one can get that for free anymore? I also would not mind paying some if the site was reliable…I just don’t know what is or is not anymore. Sorry for my ignorance…it has been a while.

Suggestions would be appreciated and I am sorry for rambling on as I tend to do…but I just wanted to give a bit of background where I’m coming from. I’m not technically confident like I used to be and I’m so far out of the game I’m just looking for a bit of a morale boost. I can’t wait to get back in the game though and also thank the devs for making solo “practice” play for Evolve so I don’t have to go in blindly on-line and can build up to the battle! It’s gonna be real fun huntin’!

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Hello there :slight_smile: I think most of us are just as excited about evolve as you are.

For the moment, I think going off the CrysisEngine requirements is your best bet (since evolve is built on that engine)

I got this information off the Star citizen FAQ, which also runs on the same engine. So you’ll need a dual core PC (quad core better of course) with a GTX 460 or greater and at least 4GB of system memory, but I’d definitely go with 8. If you’re running an i7 2500, 2600, 2700 or better with a GTX 670 or greater then you are looking pretty good.


Well I think that may be our first love letter, so thank you :smile:

As we’ve said other places, we haven’t announced our minimum or recommended specs yet. However, I’m pretty sure @JohnnyFlash or @r00k would have some strong opinions on PC components in general that could be useful. Feel free to geek out with them about it.


Hey @SledgePainter, thanks for all the kind words. We’re really excited too!

As far as your tech questions, I’ll do what I can since we haven’t announced recommended specs yet. I’m going to infer some things about your current system from the components you have described, so my response might not be 100% accurate. If I get something wrong, feel free to say something and I’ll try to get you better info.

First off, the processor. If you’re running 6GB of ram, I’m going to assume you’ve got an old x58 based motherboard running a nehalem, bloomfield or gulftown based processor. Most likely a Core i7 920 or 950 since those were the more common ones back then. This CPU, while old, is still a great chip and holds its own in most gaming applications today. Additionally, 6GB of ram is fine. If you want to run skype and chat with your friends while a music program plays your own soundtrack when playing the game, you might opt for some more memory to help with the multitasking. If you’re able to squeeze in the 12GB you mentioned above, that would do wonderfully.

For the graphics card, the 750ti is a great card, I also run nVidia cards in my box at home. Currently, however, an equivalently priced AMD card is benchmarked slightly higher on another CryEngine game, Crysis 3. That AMD card is the R9-270. By the way, I find all of my comparison data at guru3d.com. I usually consult their articles when I’m getting ready to upgrade my gaming machine. Either way, you’ll get a great card out of either nVidia or AMD, so don’t be afraid to shop around within your price range to find the best deal.

Regarding your power supply, if you’re running SLI 9800’s, your power supply can easily handle a single modern card. As long as it’s running well and is healthy, you’re good to go.

In general you should be okay just upgrading your video card. The only caveat is that your motherboard is most likely running a PCI express 2.0 slot, and most modern day graphics cards are 3.0. You shouldn’t have any noticeable slow down in performance because of that, but it is a consideration.

As a closing comment, I’ll make this recommendation that I’ve made on other forums for other games. If you are planning on upgrading for a game that hasn’t been released yet, wait. First of all, definitely wait until the recommended specs get released. It would be heartbreaking to get a shiny new video card, unwrap it, install it, and then find out 2 weeks later that it barely meets the minimum specs. Second, the computer components world is rapidly changing and unpredictable. Unless you really have your ear to the ground, many components can be released without much warning at all, and could be significant upgrades. Even if you don’t want the latest and greatest, a new generation being released can drive the prices down for the current generation. Obviously you want all of your shiny new parts for release night, so ordering a couple weeks before launch is a great plan of action because it gives time for shipping, returns, installation, etc, so that you’re ready to frag when the game drops at midnight.


This has to be the only thing I hate about new console games that always come out. You always have to have the best specs on your computer to run it most of the time. Ik for some games it doesn’t matter, but a lot of games you have to update graphics cards and everything else, basically spending lots of money just to play a game how it’s meant to be played. For a huge competitive game like this it has huge downsides. A competitive game needs to be accessible for lots of players. It needs to draw in many types of different people which for example DOTA 2 and League do really well which is why they are the best competitive games right now with the highest amount of players.

All in all I just hope Turtle rock make this game really fun to play even on the lowest graphics, and people will still be able to play it with a toaster without quitting because they get 10fps.


i think another problem is that the people behind the games are not spending to much time on optimizing(not talking about evolve)… i for sure have to upgrade to play evolve without problems on max my new parts are already on the way


Welcome to the forums sledge. Sorry that I won’t be of too much help seeing as how I’m a console player so I don’t have to worry about all this which is pretty much gibberish to me, but still thought id say hi. Always nice to know I’m not the only one head over heels for this game


I will definately be looking into the CrysisEngine requirement listed on that site, thank you!


Thanks Chloe, but I really had to express my love for L4D. It probably bordered on obsession…and it’ll probably happen again come October. There was simply nothing out there like it at the time…which is again, the same here with Evolve. Plus the staying power of the title says a lot for it. I believe the devs are giving the gamers what they want, and so far it looks like they are taking everyone’s opinions in the community seriously, while opening up for ideas and suggestions here and there which scores a nice mark in my book. Gamers need to rally behind companies that aren’t simply out there to make a buck but to make the gamers happy and always be there to support the title they created with bug fixes, updates, etc. I don’t have the gaming time I used to due to family, so that time I plan to set aside and devote to Evolve is important to me, and I am pleased to see the devs doing all they can to make that a rewarding experience. I don’t care if the game is $20 or $60…if it’s backed by concerned devs who are trying to make games for gamers and repeat buyers and players…that’s worth my buck and time.


Ah! You seem to know my rig without my having to say it. I am indeed running an i7 core 920. I just opened up the box tonight because I didn’t know how I had the ram chips configured. I have 3 chips at 2 gigs each, and 3 empty slots…so hello 6 more gigs pretty soon for the 12 gigs of ram. I will need to check into that card and guru3d.com. I wish I’d known of these before…I’ve never heard of them. Going in my Bookmarking links now! I got totally confused by the Nvidia site and Newegg is great if you already know what you want, lol, but comparison shopping wasn’t the smoothest since I couldn’t tell which card numbers were better or lower anymore in the graphics card world! It doesn’t all just go by price. It used to be easy. I did already jump on the deal I found with the Geforce GTX 750 ti. I pretty much had to, and installed that tonight. You are totally correct though, to wait until those final specs are out…I just had to nab this and dove right in after writing this post. If a better deal comes along though, I can probably sell this one if need be or stick it in another machine and upgrade again. I do also have a PCI express 2.0, so thanks for the notice here. I will keep that in the back of my mind in case I run into problems. I’m far enough out from October I should be able to catch any issues now before release day and fix them. My next task will be to finally rid myself of Windows Vista 64. I know, I can’t believe I didn’t upgrade that sooner either! I set myself an upgrade expense of $400, preferring to err on the less than side, and I’m pretty much right where I planned to be. If I had upgraded Windows earlier I could have spent more on the card but C’est la vie. Thanks for the assistance!


I can understand Turtle Rock’s need for the graphics due to the environment playing a huge role in hiding the creature/hunters, but I know what you’re saying. Not everyone can drop a tidy sum to play the next AAA title. I do think the devs want to make this game as accessible as possible but without sacrificing how the game itself plays. They will need, and probably are right now, finding that balance. Still, there’s a lot to be said about the “next gen” pushing a bunch of gamers into spending more cash in order to play their games. But it’s the same even with the consoles like XBox and Playstation. If you want to play the newest titles you have to upgrade those every few years too. It’s almost like you have to have a savings budget set-up over time so when the next thing comes along, you can get it without too much hurt! At least with the PC, you know you’re going to get the best graphics and, if you build your own rig, the ability to pick and choose parts to upgrade a bit at a time or as budget allows. If Left 4 Dead is an example though, it wasn’t terrible to play on the lowest settings. Even though I originally built my machine to play that in ultra, there were times I dialed it back so it was easier/faster playing on-line with various peeps around the globe.


Haha, well I will say this…I set my upgrade budget at $400 which is the cost of a new XBox One without Kinect for me. I figured if I could at least upgrade my PC to play the game well within that limitation, albeit not on ultra hyper awesome settings, it’s worth doing that over buying the console. I don’t mean to sound rude by any means…it would be far easier to just buy the XBox One and save my headaches trying to research all this! But I totally suck-diddly-uk at controller play with shooters on anything other than a basic A B button Nintendo controller. I can’t joystick my thumbs fast enough to literaly save my gamer life and usually spin around too fast and shoot the sky or something lame, often screaming things like, “It would be easier to just shoot zombies in real life!” or “It’s like I’m 3 years old here!” I have a PS3 I only used for it’s BluRay prowess simply because I couldn’t work the controls to play Nazi Zombies or anything else shooter-y. I didn’t even play my old school kid favorite Street Fighter well. Sad times! So kudos to you! The PC may have the better graphics, but you do have to figure a lot of stuff out just to get there!


I have got to say…love the avatar. I played Aliens VS Predator often on my machine and loved every minute of it. Sorry, the alien distracted me, heh. What is your system like without the new parts, if I may ask, and what games do you run on it? What parts are you getting shipped out your way to maximize for Evolve?


So excited that you’re back! L4D was really special and we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for it. Even though Evolve is a different kind of beast, I think we’ve found that magic again. Looking forward to sharing lots of cool gameplay stories with you all.


Considering I spent last week just watching the stream instead of playing the games I DO have, I’d agree that you have that magic again.


Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here, like the rest of us!

Well as @Brandini said, I am also not really much of a technical boffin since I’m getting the game on Xbone but still I think everybody else answer the question for you so that’s good news! I do also play on the PC (well, it’s a laptop which I don’t think I can upgrade just like that!) but it can only run certain games or something like that! It CAN run TF2 so that’s a plus! But I also use my laptop for other stuff anyway and if I were to get a decent PC, I’d have nowhere to put it really!

Either way though, I just wanted to say hi anyway! :blush:


Looking forward to seeing many YouTube videos of hunts as well (wish there were more from the devs!)…eager to learn techniques here. I especially loved when one of the devs during E3 played Kraken as a stealth monster, using sneak most of the time. I’d love to see a Goliath played that was as well. I’m very happy each monster can decide how they want to upgrade because it determines so much how they will play in the match. One day you can be stealthy and focus on distance attacks…the next, a brute with in-your-face damage rocking! Good for those days when you just need to pound something!