Upgrading to Monster Race



I’m just wondering if at any point I’ll be able to upgrade to the Monster Race edtion since I pre-ordered a retail copy… 8 months ago before I was aware that Monster Race would exist.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: downloading the game from the disk right now.


Dunno about that one. Although the question has come up multiple times. A bit of searching around the forums perhaps? (since I’m too lazy to do it for you :grin:)


mh. I couldn’t sleep b/c i was too excited about Evolve today lol… now i have to download a 3gb update and such… i think i’m gonna take myself a 6 hour nap.

I don’t remember any Dev confirming/denying being able to upgrade to it… so it’s probably under the “remains to be seen” category.

One can always hope however.