Upgrading My PS4's HDD


So, over the course of the coming week I’ll be swapping out my PS4’s 500GB HDD for a 2TB one. But there is just one thing that I need to know. Now, I’ve got all of the basic info and tutorials on what I need to do, and how I need to do it, so that’s not what I need help with. However, what I do need help with is the firmware update that is usually linked to by these tutorials.

Put simply, my question is: Is there any kind of regional difference I should be aware of when getting this firmware, or should I be okay to use the one that is often linked to?

I’ve done some looking around and not really found any answers to this question, which could very well be the answer I’m looking for, but I figure that it’s better to just get confirmation, just in case. So, if anyone here has changed their PS4’s HDD already and knows of any regional differences I’ll need to be aware of regarding the system firmware could you just let me know?



Always use official firmware lest something go wrong.



What he said. I did this a little over a month ago. I got a little scared reading some of the horror stories in the amazon reviews, but mine is working perfectly. I couldn’t be more happy. I think its a sick joke to release a “next gen” console with a mere 500gb HD, but that’s a story for another time.

I’ve had my PS4 like I said above, a little over a month. Now I have a few videos and whatnot, but I am already using 250gb of data…within a month or so…Love my 2TB

Oh and be sure you get the one at the BOTTOM. A lot of people missed that and downloaded the wrong one and couldn’t figure out the problem. “NEW” installation. Techincally we have a 2.5 TB PS4 if we format the HD that came in it and use it as an external.


Oh yeah, I get that the official firmware is what I should be getting. What I was asking is if it would matter that I’m living in the UK when getting this firmware?

I don’t imagine that there would be any regional differences, considering that it’s software, but I’m just making sure before I go and start doing anything.


I don’t have a PS4, but I would not think that region would make a difference.


Alright, I have now replaced my PS4’s HDD with the 2TB I bought and everything is working fine. Thanks for all the help, guys.


Glad to hear it! Since you’re all set I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.