Upgrades to computers


I was wondering how many folks had to or just wanted to upgrade their computers in anticipation of playing this game or after having played the Alpha?

I purchased a R9-290 video card and 6 more gig of ram. Cost me over $300.00 dollars.


My PC from a few years back is still kicking ass at pretty much every game I throw at it. I played the Alpha on medium just to make sure my FPS was above 60 FPS consistently. I think I’ll be able to play on High on release with the better optimization and better video drivers that come out.

i5-2500K, slightly overclocked
8GB ram
gtx660 ti


ive definitely been considering it since my radeon 6850 is starting to get a bit old, so i may do like a 150-300$ upgrade at some point or just drop 40 for another 6850 to cross fire it instead


I would definitely. But for my case i already did for another game that went fail that was supposed to be this years game.
I do hope Evolve doesn’t disappoint!


After playing the Alpha at 45 FPS, I decided to change my CPU.
It was bottlenecking my graphics card.

Went from a Quad Core AMD Phenom II X4 820 @ 2.80 GHZ
Intel 4690K Core i5 @3.5GHZ

The difference is quite astonishing to me.
Got a nice deal on Black Friday $190.

Should not need to upgrade this CPU for at least 5 years.


We have very similar specs.
i5-3570K (OCd to 4.1Ghz)
8GB Ram
gtx760 2GB

I didn’t fuss with Graphics, left them at the default settings, which I believe was medium, and never felt I had any graphics issues at all (though I did not check my FPS). I think I could push it a bit higher as well. I always buy my video cards at whatever is around the $200 price point…and only if the purchase puts me 2 to 3 tiers higher than what I have.

It’s funny, PLAYING the game I was very happy with the graphics and loved it. Watching the playback of some of the video I captured via OBS while playing, I was a bit bummed. I wish I had tested with Higher Quality settings, even if at a loss of FPS some. I do want to bump the settings for release.


I actually wanted to upgrade from my GTX560 for a while, but Evolve’s first Alpha was the main cause of my upgrade. The optimisation was not as good as the second, or Big Alpha, and I was around 20 FPS, max.

So. I got me a sweet, sweet GTX970. <3


To be honest, I really didn’t notice a drop off from High to Medium. I’m sure with time between both settings I’d have come up with some stuff but overall the game still looked very nice on Medium. And I’m a graphics whore.

That being said, I plan on running High on release and believe my current set up should allow it.


Hmm - well, I’m not a Graphics Snob when playing games, but I am a bit when watching. I’ll be tweaking and testing a ton in solo play till I like it, THEN I’ll start streaming/uploading to YouTube, etc.

Professional noob


I plan on upgrading in January.

Most likley going to get a EVGA GTX 970 from a 2 year old GTX 650 Looking to potentially upgrade my processor from and i5 to an i7 more RAM and lastly, Upgrading my Motherboard cause on my Initial build I kinda skimped on that and then learned the hard way that you should never skimp on the mother board., TBF, Its almost like im doing a complete rebuild…

@Sannom I take it the GTX 970 has been treating you good?


Why upgrade to a Core i7?
Hyperthreading does not benefit most games.
Or is the upgrade for doing things like video editing?



I tried far cry 4 with my old card, then the new one and-- holy crap, it was like, 10fps on my old one and now it’s a steady 50 on ultra!


When evolve comes out I plan on doing just that.

@Sannom sweet, my 650 did ok with fc4 so looking forward to the new card


I got an i5 and 7950.I run Evolve Alpha at ultra settings with no problem at all.So i guess it will be even better when the game launches.So if any1 feels like upgrading just make sure your CPU is an i5 or i7.I would suggest an i5 4th generation since i5-i7 doesnt have much difference in gaming.Anyway,AMD just can’t compete against intel in CPU’s and thats a fact.About graphics card any good card will be able to run.Doesn’t matter AMD or Nvidia


Ooooookay, now I’m confused. Nvidia names their cards wierdly, and I have no idea what is good and what isnt. I’ve got an 840M currently ( running it on a laptop XD) Is this a good card? Should I upgrade it? If so, to what?


You can’t really upgrade your graphics card on a laptop, they are built in. I believe an 840m is one best you can get on a laptop that is not specifically designed for games. Still not that good though ( they have to be pretty tiny when you have a small computer ).

Honestly, if you want to run evolve well, get a desktop.



Santa, y u do dis?

Thanks for the info, tho. Much obliged!


My good ol’ rig managed to run 60FPS while the card was recording, so I’m pretty much set. I was thinking about replacing my SSD lately tho.


Really @WiBaKi? That’s awesome! My i5 is OCd at 4.1 as I mentioned, and if your 7950 is the ‘standard’ one, then it’s very comparable to my gtx760. Can’t wait to try it pumped up!! :slight_smile:


I have an I7-930. I was having problems playing the game. I blamed my 5870 video card and bought the R9-290
. I guess we’ll see when the game comes out.