Upgrade time!


Here I am again at the crossroads with my pc. To upgrade or to build a new one?

i5 2500k@4.5GHz
asrock extreme3gen3 mobo
8GB ram 1600 MHz
6950 2GB unlocked shaders

Should I just upgrade my GFX card this autumn with the new card release or just build something from the ground up?

I was looking at benchmark and all the new haswell i5 give the same performance per GHz my sandy bridge gives me…except they run little hotter. I don’t need pci express 3.0 yet (sandy bridge does not support it) and anyway nothing benifit really from it yet.

So should I just go with a newer card. A radeon 290x would almost give me a 100% performance game and same with a 780/soon to be released 780ti.

Help me I don’t know what to do for now.

If you need more specification about my build feel free to ask and thank you for the help.

I wanna build a PC that will run Evolve help :)
A Couple of PC Questions

Just upgrade your video card. That rig is not worth chucking just for a slight performance upgrade. (Unless money is of no issue)


One question, is that 8 gigs of DDR 3 ram?


Money is always an issue rich people does not get rich by spending all their hard earned money for nothing. GFX card it is going to be and I will probably put another 8GB of ram in the beast too.


yes it is, why?


r290x or 780ti or wait till next cards reveal?


I would only add maybe 4 more gigs. Anything over 12 is largely a waste. You will most likely want to duel channel them in which case 2 sticks of 2 should suffice. 16 Gigs of ram is like having SLI and 2 graphics cards. The performance you get isn’t really worth it.


I already got 2 stick of 4GB atm…I was thinking 2 more stick would put it even everywhere.


I think you could wait for now. If anything, they’ll drop in price after the holidays. Because they game is delayed no reason to not pounce of Holiday prices (If nothing new peaks your interest)


Yeah this is pretty much what I was thinking. Oh and I will probably snag 2x4GB stick to pair up with my 2 existing one for $20 more I have 8GB instead of 4GB and if I get a deal I could even get my ram cheaper (corsair vengeance) I will just keep an eye on deals and do the waiting game.


Sounds good. Decent rig you have there to :slight_smile:


I’m actually looking at upgrading, as well. My CPU is from like 5-6 years ago… :confused: It’s held up quite well though (Phenom 2 X6 1090T AMD). I already have a 290x, so I just need a CPU… and of course, motherboard… :stuck_out_tongue:


What is your budget, I’ll help put something together for you if need be. Also, list anything that you think you can salvage. (Big ones are Ram, Motherboard, GFX card, Monitor, SDD… though I guess that is pretty much most of it :P) Also if you have any cooling add ons and a decent power supply. 450 should be plenty of power for the vast majority of computers that are $1k ish


There’s no such thing as a budget for an IT that games… lol

Well, I mean within reason, of course… I haven’t jumped ship to Intel since the K6-2 days, so maybe it’s time to go with Intel again.

Pretty much everything else is top notch… Actually, I’ll make it easy for you.


That’s what I need. My sound card is a VERY high end SBlaster(I do music composing). Video card is good to go, as well. And I’m running top notch SSDs as well.


Ya, Intel is kicking AMD pretty hard right now.


And I was serious, price is not a concern. Although there is a point, as I’m sure you know, where the price becomes a little too high for too little gain.


Fair enough. (Outside of Wonka Ville) once you approach the 1.5-1.7 K mark, you’re really getting horrible returns for your money. Do you think you have anything worth salvaging from your old computer? (Monitor and peripherals included)


Everything else is going to be used. I listed what I needed in the above post… sorry, I should’ve said I made an edit to that post… lol :smile:

Actually, a nice case would work as well. Full tower with plenty of airflow.



Oh and I guess 1000 is my upper limit, I think anything beyond that for what I listed is going way overboard.


Sure thing. I’m still at work so I can reply to messages alright, but to dig into good PC part pickings will require a bit more investment. Keep an eye on this, I should hopefully get something tonight.