Upgrade ability UI/Predictions


One of my BIGGEST gripes about playing monster- Is how inaccurate the ability predictions are.

Its amazingly frustrating to hold an ability down- Such as rock with Goliath, or warp blast with Wraith- See the UI put up a predictive path of where it says the ability is going to go- you aim it right where you want- Let go- Anndd theeeen… WRONG. Maybe you were standing too close to the wall, maybe you came a SMIDGE too close to some pixels between you and the target. Maybe there was a rock on the ground, or a twig in the way. Either way, the ability is completely wasted.

If the UI is showing you where it expects an ability to go, it should go there. Im a pretty forgiving guy- I KNOW things are far more complicated on the back end for programming than most people comprehend. But hot damn, this is amazingly frustrating- And I strongly think this is one of those “polish” things evolve NEEDS.


Thing is it calculates the path for the UI to do. If the path is clear for the UI it will say it, if it is not clear for the entity or player (i.e Rock or Wraith) then it will hit its actual destination. For example I can pick up a Rock next to a wall and find a prediction saying I can still throw it at my target but when released it will smack the wall instead.

Predictions sadly are not fact nor guaranteed. If they could fix it that’d be lovely but I don’t see how they could sadly :confused:


Well, I think the engine predicts where the center of the object goes, because that’s where the “mass” is, instead of the whole thing. For example, highlighting a whole Rock Throw’s path, would require checking a tunnel instead of a line for any kind of obstruction. If the whole checked path (tunnel) were to be displayed, it could entirely blind you to your left side and you could lose track of a Hunter that way, or run into a mine/trap field.

That’s what I think, anyways. Could be something else entirely. I do agree, though. It does get annoying when a small branch blocks a 2-ton boulder or a 10-ton leaping Monster that’s sometimes on fire.


Is this the second most biggest patch? or the first?


If it can be done, it should be done. So many wasted abilities, so many lost games… The struggle…


If you’re asking if this title update will the biggest, then I assume it will be. There is a lot of stuff getting changed, so it’s gonna be a pretty big download file. I also assume it’ll have Elder Kraken and probably a few other goodies, just because we’re not expecting it. I hope so, anyways.


Ha! They tried to save us space by not giving us the Kala tutorials haha!