Updated wraith


How is everyone feeling about wraith nerf? I just fought 3 different wraiths and won 2 and was bested by 3rd to which I didn’t respond to losing (as I usually do when facing wraith) by throwing nearest object. For the first time i said “Touché wraith… Touché.”

Anyone else feeling this way or different?


I enjoy it. No longer have to do wild goose chases. Nor do I feel sorry for picking her against pugs.


I’m going to give a week or so before I start using her in pugs, I went on strike for awhile there. But I feel the wounds are still fresh, it will take a second before people realize wraith is as scary as Goliath and kraken now


It’s exhilarating now. It’s incredibly hectic and challenging.


Being the wraith or fighting it?


I feel sorry for wraith monsters now, because she will have a hard time keeping her distance from hunters. Especially with how OP Crow is.

Prepare to get facerape by Kraken, good kraken players will come in their masses on you console games. Same thing has happen on PC.


Both, actually. Hehe.

Best part is I can actually use her against human players without feeling guilty for ruining their fun.


I love the wraith now so much I went ahead and bought the savage and cosmic skin for her. <3


But crow isn’t OP? He actually feels more balanced than I originally thought. And I don’t mind fighting good krakens, all that matters in now I’m fighting fair wraiths (or people who are stupid and chose her because she was an easy win but get destroyed now)

I’d rather fight crow than Abe in certain lobbies


Savage skin all the way, how is Cosmos? I was scared to buy


Very nice and balanced tbh, until the T4 hunters arrived. Caira + Sunny (jetpack fuel + speed) means assault/trapper ALWAYS on your behind. I fought a very good hunter team last night with Caira + Sunny and i just couldn’t shake them. When engaging can’t focus anything because of shield drone + Torvald’s mortars…
So my conclusion, after T4 hunters, not so balanced anymore. They balanced it for T1-3 hunters. T4 played right = GG. Not to mention Sunny boosting the trapper for Doming. I played trapper yesterday by mistake vs a wraith, wraith was transversing warpblasting away to escape, i actually got to touch the wraith on the shoulder with the help of Sunny’s boost :slight_smile:

Complaints and time to adapt are normal when new classes/mechanics are introduced in a game. But imo, in this case, there are things that are actually overpowered.


I love it dude your blades are blue :] and it looks even more beautiful when you get full armor


New hunters didnt mess anything up, just everything is changed now. Every new hunter completely changes game. People are crying about torvald being op, and then the realize if you stand in his face he can’t do shit about it. New sunny combos are counterable, you just have to change your way of thinking. Instead of warping in a straight line away, warp forward then warp sharp left around something, that tactic hasn’t failed me yet when I played Goliath against decent caira+sunny

Give it a week or 2 and it will all even itself out


That’s awesome! Have you seen other monster cosmos? I was thinking of getting Goliath but it looks more iffy than wraith


still annoying for hunters to fight, but more fun for wraith players now I think.


How so? Elaborate

By the way I was a very adamant wraith hater before patch


It’s only a little bit slower I still go undefeated as wraith too me nothing’s changed still boring and OP if the monster player is good at using monsters


Wraith is great now, I’ve won some and lost some against the wraith, so that’s good. You’re likely to get a few matches here and there as you chase the wraith and it still has good survivability.


But that is if monster is good, if that person played was just as good as other monsters, the result would be the same


I guess so I might as well be glad that I think it is still as good as before the nerfs (shrug)