Updated tutorial videos/level

Well a couple days ago I cringed when I was playing a pub match, I was laz and the Hyde revived my fallen teammate (shutter) :(. I wouldn’t mind a tutorial video/ tutorial mode showing the characters off more. Do’s an donts I would like to see this for new players instead of throwing them into the frying pan not knowing what they’re doing. I would like to see the game suggesting players to watch the tip videos in the gallery as well. I just feel the tutorial are a bit outdated an should be changed in a future update. Things constantly get rebalanced an such I just feel they’re a bit behind


I believe it’s mostly an issue of getting the VA’s in for the videos, and the cost it takes to make new ones most likely. Otherwise I surmise TRS would have done it by now.

I agree though, 'twould be nice if they were updated.

Understandable, hopefully its something on they’re to do list of things to update.

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