UPDATED: Monster Variations Wraith, Kraken, Behemoth, Gorgon


I was inspired by the release of Rouge Val and soon to be Blitz Markov, and was thinking up some new ideas for monster variations, as it seemed Meteor Goliath was getting a little lonely. After all, how is 2 on 1 fair amirite?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

so here are my suggestions for some monster variations and general brainstorming ideas as to what would be cool or fun to add to the game. (If TRS senpai notices me, i would like to be credited if anything were to be used. So everyone could know of the great Atrinoch, and his quest for the holy grail)


Few ideas for names include

  • Nighthunter Wraith

  • Dark Matter Wraith

  • Spectral Wraith

Ability Differences

  • Variation warp blast has to charge to be used. This is done by holding the correct button and releasing when desired. This warp blast does not explode upon arriving at your destination, but instead implodes, sucking in hunters and small wildlife within a certain radius. This radius increases the longer you charge up to a cap of (something) meters. It would scale off frequency and velocity when skilled, and have 60% of the damage of normal warp blast, as you’re pulling hunters to you, plus another cool interaction below.


  • Variation abduction deals 40% damage of the current abduction, but travels nearly twice as far. In addition, if you are sneaking before you cast abduction, the target you take will be pounced immediately upon return. EDIT: Hit Box radius increased. Scales off of frequency and velocity when skilled. As with warp blast, it has another cool interaction as well.


  • This new supernova is a harrowing shade of red, and lasts twice as long as the current one, though its radius is reduced. While in this supernova, wraith gains heavily reduced cooldown on traversal, while hunters take small damage over time. Scales off duration and frequency. Interacts with something else cool below. Supernova deals equal damage and still grants attack speed.

  • EDIT: Alternatively, The supernova can be a dark cloud, that greatly reduces vision(both monster and hunter) but the monster can smell through it. Against slim, this would be hella fun and disorienting. Credit: This_is_VALHALLA

The most cool thing i have ever thought of, and I hope doesnt get too much criticism because… well…

  • EDIT: Variation decoy can still attack hunters, but deals 75% reduced damage. EDIT: Variation Decoy acts as a monster minion, following wraith until its duration is up. When the real wraith casts an ability, the decoy will mirror it(cannot sneak pounce). This means if you are aiming Abduction west, the decoy will aim west as well. It will not travel to the exact point you are aiming. Wraith does not become invisible with this Decoy. The decoy will attack nearby wildlife, and will not flash when damaged. Keep in mind all of Variation Wraith’s abilities do reduced damage that stacks with your decoy. Stonger than normal wraith if you hit with 2 warp blasts, but weaker if you hit with 1. Scales off duration and frequency.

  • CREDIT: Wrecker, for some awesome information. Really helped me clean up Decoy and make it what I truly intended it to be. Thx

Thats all i have for now, may extend when i figure out Behemoth, Kraken, and Gorgon, but for now please leave criticism, comments, ideas, whatever. I want to hear it to improve my own ideas and see what other cool ideas may be swimming around. Thank you. (NOTICE ME TRS PLEA I WORK HARD ON THIS)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND IDEAS! The feedback has been well received by me, and ive made some minor tweaks based on your input. Best community hands-down. Now for the next monster i have been dreaming up. It took me about 6 hours to compile my thoughts here, but i think i have it down. Without further adieu…


Name Concepts:

  • Volt Kraken

  • Dark Matter Kraken

  • Arc Kraken

  • Pulse Kraken

This Kraken is special due to the fact that its abilities become more disorienting to the hunters. If hit with an electrical ability, the HUD is temporarily disabled(2-4sec). In addition, hunter jetpacks become charged, gaining 1/8 of the bar when hit with an ability. Also diables the current weapon/equipment the hunter is currently using for 2 seconds(reload time)(can only occur once every 10 seconds).

Ability DIfferences

  • Variation Lightning Strike, takes a few seconds longer to charge, but moves faster along the ground. When unleashed, it sends out 5 thin strikes inside a circular area(radius~3-6m). These bolts hit random spots inside the circle and deal 33% of current ability damage to creatures and hunters. Creatures and hunters can be hit by multiple strikes if positioned correctly. Cooldown much longer than current ability. Scales off number of strikes(3-5) and frequency.


  • Banshee Mines function nearly the same, but travel 3x faster while homing than current banshee mines. In addition, they deal chain damage to targets within (XX) meters. 75% damage of current mines. Scales off quantity and frequency.


  • This variation is very similar to normal Aftershock. When variation Aftershock is triggered, It will charge the same as the normal one. When it explodes to deal damage, it will do 50% of the normal Aftershock, BUT it will pulse 3 times. Variation Kraken can move faster than current Kraken while using Aftershock Scales off radius and frequency.


  • EDIT: Vortex travels much slower but is substantially larger and wider(5-8m radius), essentially blocking a path, as it still pushes hunters back. Deals initial damage(unchanged) and damage over time to hunters it hits as it moves. Scales off duration and frequency. Duration is because it moves slowly, and shouldnt get faster at higher stages.

There you have it gents and ladies. My personal Kraken variation is now up for your review. As with the wraith, leave ideas, comments, and criticism for me to improve upon this creation. Behemoth and Gorgon coming soon. Please share and spread this around for me, id really love for everyone to see it. Thank you.


Gonna cut right to the chase with this one. so here we go, you know the drill.

Name concepts

  • Rockslide Behemoth

  • Molten Behemoth

  • Obsidian Behemoth

  • (Darude) Sandstorm Behemoth

This variation makes it harder for hunters to see, as Behemoths abilities kick up dirt and dust, slightly obscuring vision. Behemoths traversal also kicks up dust and leaves a damaging fire trail in its wake, so dont follow the tracks exactly.

Ability Differences
Lava Bomb

  • This variation fires a scatter of small bombs like a shot gun. these still do damage over time in an area around them, but do not split off once they hit terrain. The bombs are fired in a random area infront of behemoth, and each one will have a different angle to its release. Damage is the same. Number of bombs fired is 5-6. Scales off frequency and duration.

Tongue Grab

  • Variation tongue grab is virtually the same, but will stick and pull in everything within its line, whereas the current one will stop on the first target. Deals 70% of normal tongue damage. Scales off length and velocity.


  • Fissure in this variation is much thinner than regular behemoth’s (2m radius). After it is cast, it will behave like normal, but when it reaches its maximum distance, it will return to the original cast location, dealing damage forwards and back. EDIT: Scales off frequency and velocity.

Rock Wall

  • Variation Rock Wall now generates in a circle around the ground marker. This can be used to trap one or multiple hunters, or encase yourself for protection. Scales off radius and frequency.

Sorry if this one seemed much shorter than the last two, but its all self explainitory, with no crazy major changes like the other two. Variation Behemoth is a bit more tame, but is still pretty cool and different. As always let me know what you guys think. And Please TRS SENPAI NOTICE ME. DO YOU LIKE THIS???

PART 4 FINALE (for now)
Here we are, last monster, last variation. i may start making a hunter variation thread later on, but this is what i got for now. Enjoy and leave criticism please.

Name Concepts:

  • Venomous Gorgon

  • Stalker Gorgon

  • NIghtmare Gorgon

  • Parasite(Parasitic) Gorgon

Ability Changes

  • Variation Web Snare will knock hunters back much like Vortex. If an afflicted hunter collides with a vertical surface while being knocked back, they will be stuck to the wall. Hunters stuck to walls cannot move, shoot, or change weapons. Class abilities however, can be used, with exception to throwing the mobile arena. It can, however be taken down while stuck. Lasts roughly 2-3 seconds. Scales off Radius and Velocity.


  • Variation Spider Trap has a much smaller activation radius. When a hunter is grabbed, the spider will not run off with them, but will instead cover the surrounding 2m radius with acid. Deals 90% of real ability damage, and has 70% health. Scales off Range and Health.


  • Variation Acid Spit acts like a paste. Hunters that stand in or are hit with it have their movespeed reduced by 30% for 2 seconds. Deals 80% of normal acid damage. Spider Trap’s acid acts the same. Deadly combo with Web Snare, as that reduces jetpack power. Scales off Range and Duration.


  • Variation Mimic leaves an acid trail along the ground as it moves. When it explodes, it covers the surrounding area in acid. Deals 70% of normal mimic damage. Scales off Radius and Frequency.

THATS IT! There are all my ideas for monsters. I need to really thank you guys and the whole community for your support and patience with me on this. Some of these took more thinking than i had thought, but i am very happy with the end result. Thank you TRS and that you again community.

Adaptation Ideas!

I approve


I had to word document that, didn’t work
then I magnified it, didn’t work
but all I had to do was “quote”

Anyways I love your names but it can’t be Night hunter cause that’s a skin then I think we should stick with one work so I really love “Spectral Wraith” as a name.

Warp Blast: I was thinking no charging radius but then you made it stop at X certain point and I love it

Abduction: No matter what if you use an ability it will cancel sneak and I love it

Supernova: and I love it

Decoy: There could be some gameplay issues with it but if it pays off then it the best idea ever also I love it

Please do a Behemoth, Kraken and Gorgon one!


Um, I guess “sup”?


I had the same idea, each ability could distort vision. and supernova is a black cloud


Dang. These are unique cool ideas. I especially like the new decoy. However, it may be a little OP given the rest of your suggestions. These are great ideas but I’m sure TRS would have to tweak some other values to wraith to let this happen.


I like all of this a lot. :D<g

The Warp Blast that implodes especially, yum.

And as for Abduction I’d recommend a major travelspeed buff to it also; but also impose a minimum range. So it’d force you to use it at range, skillshot time maneuver.

I like the Decoy and SN changes.


I like most of it although decoy doing no damage isn’t possible. However all I see is huge damage nerfs for different effects. They have to have reasonable damage or else no would die ever to it.


Wait…@Atrinoch So the decoy pursues the hunters but any ability or traversal movement along with melee affects the hunters. Woah I like this decoy :smile:


Some of it is a bit much, and the Abduction nerf is a bit strong. That said…I like this. I like this a lot.


I fucking love this idea


This sounds great! And I vote Spectral Wraith as the name.


well the point is to encourage fighting, instead of running and ambushing. The nerfs on the damage of its abilities are to compensate for having 2 of them due to decoy. it kind of forces you to stay with your double for damage, and i thought it would be interesting.


New Variation Ideas for Wrath and recently Kraken! Let me know what you think!


I like most of this variation… in particular the abduction change. The range increase would allow rank 1 or 2 to abduct from a meaningful distance, and the idea of the abduct going straight into a pounce when sneaking/harassing is honestly the intent of the skill to begin with.

I definitely agree with giving the Supernova a DoT on hunters in the area, compensated for by the smaller radius - it would give the wraith an actual area denial skill, at the tradeoff for being exposed while doing so. If the DoT also damages/pops deployables (mines/turrets/harpoons/drone) it would mean the Wraith would have a means to engage in the presence of a prepared area (e.g. relay fights). Given the nerf to damage on warp blast and abduction (anti burst-wraith), I would also say that Supernova does NOT need a damage nerf - even given your decoy concept - due to the low armor pool the wraith has to work with anyway. Also, I’m 90% sure the devs had already nixed the monsters having a slim-esque anti-vision effect already; so I dont think that one is on the table.

I love the idea of an “implosion” warp blast as a means to counter hunter dodging and punish groups - however I am leery of the charging mechanic. While other abilities have cast time (e.g. Lava Bomb) none currently take into account cast time. The wraith already pauses at the end of the traversal before exploding, so if you have to hold down an ability key (and not attack) for too long BEFORE attacking it would penalize/paralyze you twice - even more mortar/orbital fodder - as well as telegraph what you are trying to do. The damage nerf is already significant enough, decoy mimic or not.

The decoy change is an interesting idea; making it mimic your abilities. I like the concept because it is supposed to make the decoy less something to ignore - however for it to WORK you need to make sure the decoy is… not something the hunters can ignore. Removing the “fire-and-forget” melee the standard decoy has at the same time the cloak is removed means that this decoy won’t do much for seeding chaos or hiding you while you reposition, especially if the AI remains as ‘direct’ as it currently is - experienced hunters will know they can ignore it unless the wraith is engaging. The question of how to direct or target the cloned abilities is also important, and I think not one to be solved easily - at least not without significant AI boosts. If you warp blast does it warp to the same location? If you abduct does it abduct at the same target? Will it collide with you? Etc.

It feels like you’re looking for a gorgon-esque controllable mimic wraith with all its abilities, to harass without taking damage yourself or burning your own cooldowns. That’s one possibility, and frankly not a bad one at all. If you want to retain the idea of trading the decoy cloak and some ability damage for the decoy also being able to use abilities, I would remove the idea that the decoy’s ability use is “triggered” by your own - at range it would mean you’re burning your cooldowns to make the decoy do something you can’t necessarily see anyway, and it’d be really awkward both to code and to use. An AI-controlled fully capable wraith matching your skills would make fights a lot more nuts, and would encourage wraiths to diversify their skill points further - ie. if you ONLY have decoy and warp blast, the decoy won’t be using the other skills. You’d have a tradeoff between “do I put points into decoy to make it last longer, or points into skills so the decoy and I both hit harder?”

I might also consider removing the decoy “flash” as compensation for the cloak vanishing, though this would be more of a discussion topic - it goes again under the idea of making this decoy not something the hunters can simply ignore.

One criticism of the fully-capable decoy will be the idea that the wraith could harass hunters without exposing themselves - warp blasts, supernovas, etc for as long as the decoy lasted. My response to that is GOOD: Right now especially during relay fights, the hunters are able to wait and force the wraith to come to THEM - the current decoy is incapable of generating enough threat to dislodge the hunters from where they stand. Similar to a mimic-bombing Gorgon, this could force the hunters away from their comfy waiting positions and make them chase and engage the wraith - even at stage 3. That alone makes this idea have merit in my opinion.

I know that writing up variations or new hunters is a fusion of dreams, wishing, ideas and opinions - but I am glad to see you throwing stuff like this out for people to comment on! :slight_smile:


Legit this brought a tear to my eye. love the input and i do agree with alot of what you were saying about decoy. Seemed to me like a fun idea, but i knew it was a bit impractical. Supernova for me, while i was creating it, felt like it would be too much if your decoy could attack, and you had extra traversal and did DOT damage, but i see what your concern is, and i agree with you again. I will make proper changes, and hopefully it gets to the point where its near perfect thanks again man. :blush:


let me know what you think of kraken too. i can wait. im sure your fingers are tired from that essay XD


Hmm. I think the damage of variation Kraken should be reduced, even if if gives jetpack the whole disble primarybis a big hit. Also the vortex chains would be unreal. So yeah reduced damage.
I like the HUD removal


Senpai Katt approves of this thread.

~Tosses a Oreo to the OP~


@Atrinoch Oh thank god your Kraken variation isn’t at all close to mine! I have to rethink Wraith’s though…-_-